The Snowman

We shared an awesome afternoon together with the children (our little buddies), from Brick Elementary School. As we all got comfortable in our seats to watch The Snowman.

A Few good chuckles now and then could be heard from the children as well as the seniors.  It was a good time for all of us!

Right after “Movie Time” we hustled over to the craft table to make snowmen together.  We each had our necessary materials and specific guide lines to begin our projects.  It really felt like a youthful time for all of us, you couldn’t hardly tell the child apart from the adult with comments like “I need the glue after you please” and “I love your idea, I’m going to do that too”.  And these comments were made primarily by the adults.  Oh, the time flew by so quickly we didn’t have time for the story book we wanted to read to the children.  We’ll just have to save that for next time!

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