Middle School fundraiser supports “Big E Foundation”

Teachers Teresa Stokes, Rita Bock and Nicole Kuenzel joined the middle school students at the walk-a-thon fundraiser held in the middle school gym on April 11.

Sixth-grader Cassidy Jenkins helped organize the walk-a-thon fundraiser for her brother Ian Jenkins “Big E Foundation.”

Jorydan Rose and Hannah Goerlitz participated in the walk-a-thon fundraiser that supported the “Big E Foundation” held at Milan Middle School.

Justice Hoekstra is photographed participating in the walk-a-thon fundraiser held in the Milan Middle School gym supporting the “Big E Foundation”.

Andrew Blaine, Madelyn Beaster, Ahjanay Beck and Jasper Vaupel all participated in the walk-a-thon held at Milan Middle School raising funds for the “Big E Foundation”.

Middle school custodian Ralph Kilpatrick brought a donation to the walk-a-thon fundraiser held at the school to support the “Big E Foundation”. He is photographed with Dustin Shukait a student in Sharleen Stearn’s citizenship class.

Milan Middle School students in Sharleen Stearns citizenship class held a Walk-A-Thon recently in the school gym with proceeds going to the “Big E Foundation” established in honor of 15-year-old Ian Jenkins.  The students voted to support the foundation of Ian Jenkins, the brother of their classmate Cassidy Jenkins. The citizenship class students are required to sponsor a school or community event each year as part of the class curriculum.

Ian Jenkins was an amateur ice hockey player who was drafted by the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League days before his untimely death on May 23, 2011.  He was a Milan High School sophomore from Ypsilanti.  His foundation supports his life’s motto of Have A Purpose or H.A.P.  The foundation awards grants and scholarships to help kids realize their athletic dreams.  Visit the “Big E Foundation” website at www.bigefoundation.org to donate or for more information.

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