Crime Watch 6/23-6/29

Milan Police Department Incident and Activity Summary for June 23 thru June 29, 2013

This is a summary of incidents that the police department responded to over the last week. It is meant to provide a review of the type and variety of issues occurring in the community that the PD handled. It does not reflect every incident responded to, as some may be too sensitive to list on a document of this nature, while others are still under investigation. All names of complainants, suspects, and witnesses, as well as residential addresses have been omitted to insure privacy. In some cases the street name has also been left off.

General Notes and Definitions:

• CFS is the Call for Service or police incident number of the given case.

• The next number in line is the military time an incident occurred or was reported.

• Property checks include activities such as checking buildings; they also include checking residences when citizens ask for additional attention due to being out of town.

• Foot Patrols include activities where officers get out of their cars and walk downtown, in and around businesses, through neighborhoods, as well as at the schools.

• Community/public Relations include community or special events that officers work or participate in; they also include instances where an officer stops in at a business and checks in with the owner/employees, or touches base with citizens while conducting patrols in and around neighborhoods to talk, share information, or provide crime prevention tips.

• Medical/Fire Tally is the total of all EMS and Fire runs dispatched out of the Milan PD Dispatch Center each day. Since this is a Fire Authority and serves areas outside the city limits, the tally serves to reinforce the totality of Fire and EMS runs dispatched both inside and outside the city.

• Family Troubles/Domestics are incidents where the PD is called involving any number of disputes between spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, custody disputes, as well as property disputes. In these cases, police investigation may not result in formal enforcement action, nonetheless the police are called upon to intervene, insure safety, keep the peace, and attempt to assist in providing solutions.

• Peace Keeping/Civil Matters/Miscellaneous Disputes are incidents that involve some sort of conflict that does not rise to the level of a crime, however the police are called to try and mitigate and/or resolve the issues, assist the disputants solve the underlying problems, stand by while property is removed, resolve neighbor problems, stand by during custody exchanges, or simply keep the peace between individuals that are arguing with one another.

• Threats/Harassment Complaints include verbal threats, harassing/threatening text messages, and threatening/harassing telephone calls.

• Noise Complaints include any number or ordinance violations such as loud music, loud parties, construction noises, loud engines/exhausts, disturbing the peace, etc.

• Liquor Inspections are required by the State Liquor Control Commission. They involve inspecting establishments that sell alcohol to insure minors are not being served; individuals are not being over-served; licensing guidelines are being followed; and there are no disturbances, disorderly conduct or other illegal activities taking place.

• Traffic Arrests are arrests for drunk driving and license violations, such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Without a License in Possession; Operators License never Acquired.

• Emotional/Psychological Incidents are incidents where a subject is in emotional/psychological distress and as a result are a threat to harm themselves or someone else, and therefore require hospitalization for medical/psychological treatment/evaluation.

General Policing Activities for the Week:

Traffic Stops: 6
Park Checks: 17
Property Checks: 22
Community/Public Relations: 11
Foot Patrols: 2
Vehicle Lock-Outs: 3
Defective Equipment Citation Inspection Sign Offs:
Court Ordered Preliminary Breath Tests: 5
Gun Permits Processed: 1
Background Checks Processed: 1
Freedom of Information Requests Processed: 1
Milan Area Fire and EMS Dispatch Tally: 15
Extra Patrols at Schools: 2
Licensing Inspections at State Controlled Liquor Establishments: 1
Medical Runs Responded To: 4
Emotional/Psychological Incidents: 1

Street Light Survey Completed – repair requests forwarded.

Upcoming Activities in Milan:

See attachment from Chamber on Milan Activities.

Concerts and Movies in Wilson Park Start Thursday, July 11, 2013

In conjunction with the Backstreet Cruiser’s Car Shows and the Thursday Farmers’ Market in Wilson Park, this Summer’s Concerts and Movies in Wilson Park will kick off next Thursday. The car show and market have been taking place for several weeks already. The concerts and movies will compliment those events on Thursday nights for a fun filled family evening. Please see the attached schedule, as well as the City’s website for a listing of the bands and movies. Milan PD will be assisting at these events in the form of our School Resource Officer Heams conducting bike patrols, as well as road officers doing foot patrols.

Repeated Notes of Interest from Last Week:

Consumer Fireworks Ordinance Updated

In conjunction with a recently passed State law updating local communities’ ability to restrict the use of consumer fireworks, the Milan City Council adopted new restrictions on fireworks use. Previously, Milan City Ordinance prohibited the use of fireworks in the City except on the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday. The Council passed additional restrictions limiting the use of fireworks on the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday to between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. Use is prohibited between 1:00 a.m. and 8:a.m. Violations are civil infractions, which are punishable by a fine. This update is immediately in effect. A copy is reprinted below.

8.2.4 It shall be unlawful for any person to ignite, discharge and use consumer fireworks at any time from any location in the City of Milan except between the hours of 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. on the day preceding, the day of, and the day after a national holiday.

Reduction in Tap In Fees Announced

One of the key issues that came out of this year’s budget planning sessions was the decision to reduce water and sewer tap in fees for new construction sites from what was previously approximately $10,000.00 to approximately $5,000.00. The 50% reduction in these fees represents a significant incentive to attract new development within the City. There have already been seven new applications submitted under these reduced fee schedules. For additional information on these fee reductions, contact Ms. Sherry Steinwedel or Mr. Robert Grostick at 734-439-1501

Larcenies from Autos: Several vehicles have been entered and gone through over the last week. In none of the cases were the vehicles forcibly entered; they all appeared to have been left unlocked. In one incident, we had a report of what sounded like several youths heard in and around the wooded are on Greentree where one of the incidents occurred. In another, we had a report of three youths observed running from the area of Canfield where several cars were entered and gone through. At the same time, a delivery person came into the PD lobby and reported 4 or 5 teenage males walking SB on Anderson w/ backpacks. The time frame on all three reports of the subjects out on foot was around 3:00 am. Residents are encouraged to lock their cars over night, as well as report anything or anyone suspicious so the PD can investigate. Trends of this nature are not unusual during the summer months when the weather is conducive for individuals intent on engaging in such behavior to be out on foot. Generally, they try the doors of cars that are parked outside to see if they are unlocked. If they are, they enter and rummage through the interior looking for anything of value to steal. The PD is increasing patrols in and around parking lots, as well as residential areas, and as always will continue to investigate suspicious persons and vehicles in and around these areas especially during the late night and early morning hours.

Incident Summaries:

Saturday June 29

CFS#7194 2308 Prairie Suspicious Persons
Sgt Butler/Ofc Walters responded to above area for a second report of a suspicious black pickup with subjects sitting inside of it. Ofc’s were able to locate and stop the vehicle. The occupants stated they were part of a repo company. They said they were looking for a vehicle they were supposed to repossess.

CFS#7193 2227 Prairie Suspicious Persons
Sgt Butler/Ofc Walters responded to above to check the area for a black pickup occupied by 2 males that were sitting in the vehicle with it running. Caller said the 2 subjects came up to the door and said they were looking for a friend and then went back to the truck and continued to sit inside it. Ofc’s checked area and the vehicle and subjects were gone.

CFS#4190 2059 Marvin Suspicious Incident
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler responded to above for a report of a male subject (approx 14 YOM) that was possibly being followed by a vehicle around the school. Ofc located and spoke with the youth and his mother. The youth advised the vehicle appeared to be occupied by two male juveniles and a female juvenile. No contact was ever made with the youth by the teens in the car; he said the vehicle just made a couple laps around the parking lot while he was there. He described the vehicle as a later older model car maroon in color with darker windows. Ofc’s checked the surrounding area for any vehicles matching that description, but did not locate any.

CFS#4189 1837 35 Wabash Suspicious Vehicle
Sgt Butler was on patrol and noticed a black truck in the parking lot running and the music on, but no one around it. Ofc shut off the truck and took the keys out then walked over to an area establishment to see if the owner was there. Sgt located owner who said he saw a friend go inside so he ran in to talk to him for a few minutes. Sgt warned him about leaving his vehicle running and unattended.

CFS#4187 1618 Lee Noise Complaint
Ofc Heams responded to the area for a noise complaint of firecrackers going off. Ofc met with the homeowners and they stated they would stop.

CFS#4181 1126 Dexter Larceny
Sgt Couture met with complainant regarding her phone being stolen while she was at a restaurant.

Friday June 28

CFS#4174 2349 Primrose Fireworks Complaint
Ofc Walters/Sgt Butler and Reserve Kneiper responded to area on a report of subjects lighting off fireworks in the backyard of residence. Ofc’s made contact with the homeowner who stated there won’t be any further issues.

CFS#4172 2233 Primrose Fireworks Complaint
Ofc Walters responded to a report of subjects lighting of fireworks. Ofc made contact with subjects at the address and warned them. They said they will not be lighting anymore off.

CFS#4168 1949 E Main Loose Dog
Ofc Butler/Res Kneiper responded to a report of a German Sheppard running loose. Sgt located the dog in its yard on a nearby street and spoke to/warned the owner.

CFS#4167 1833 Dexter/Phillips Assist DPW
Several citizens called in that there was water over the roadway in the area. DPW was notified.

CFS#4166 1830 W Michigan Downed Limb
Officer Heams reported that a large limb was down on an electrical wire and it was hanging low. DTE was notified.

CFS#4165 1833 Wabash Downed Wire
Sgt Butler aided the MAFD with downed live wires. DTE was notified

CFS#4164 1644 Lee Traffic Complaint
Sgt Nieman checked the area for a report of a subject riding on the hood of a smaller black car; vehicle was gone.

CFS#4162 1152 Redman Customer Trouble
Sgt Nieman responded to the business in response to a customer upset about her order not being in. The business rep and the customer could come to an agreement on the issue, so the owner refunded the customer her money and she left w/out further problems.

CFS#4160 1038 Check Welfare
Sgt Nieman was dispatched for a welfare check in response to a request by Adult Protective Services involving an elderly female. They received a report that relatives may be abusing her and/or taking her money. Sgt did not find any evidence of either allegation and advised APS.

CFS#4158 0214 Greentree Disturbance
A 911 caller advised she could hear two people arguing outside. Sgt Butler and Ofc Walters responded and located the subjects on a front porch. They were advised of the complaint and went inside for the night. No problems found.

CFS#4157 0144 Canfield Extra Patrol
Ofc Walters conducted extra patrols in the area due to recent larcenies from autos.

Thursday June 27

CFS#4150 2057 Platt/St Louis Suspicious Incident
Sgt Butler responded to above for the report of 6 females who took a shopping cart from the Main/Platt plaza and were pushing each other down Platt Rd in it. Ofc checked area; the subjects were gone.

CFS#4149 2037 S Platt Extra Patrol
Sgt Butler extra patrolled the industrial area; no problems were observed.

CFS#4147 1830 PPO Violation
Complainant came into the PD to report a possible PPO Violation by ex-spouse.

CFS#4146 1718 E Main Road Hazard
Sgt Butler was out above to remove a tree limb that was in the roadway creating a hazard. The limb was removed without any problems.

CFS#4145 1649 Dexter Assist Citizen
Ofc Heams responded to assist management at the business. The manager advised the building was damaged as a result of the storm that went through and asked if we could tape off the affected areas.

CFS#4144 1648 Marvin Found Property
Driver’s license found near Paddock Elementary. Ofc Heams took report. Owner contacted and came into PD to pick up his property.

CFS#4143 1639 Wabash Assist Fire
Ofc Terrill responded to above to assist MAFD on an odor investigation of natural gas. MAFD arrived and checked area; nothing hazardous detected.

CFS#4141 1406 Assist Other PD
Subject came into the PD to report being assaulted by ex fiancé the prior evening. Ofc Terrill spoke with subject and learned the incident occurred in another jurisdiction. Complainant was assisted with contacting the appropriate PD.

CFS#4140 1242 Canfield Larceny of Bike
Officer Terrill took a report of a black BMX bike being stolen.

CFS#4139 1235 Greentree Larceny from Auto
Officer Terrill took a report from complainant regarding an Ipad taken from her car. She thought she heard what sounded like youths in the nearby wooded area around 3 am.

CFS#4138 1231 Main/York Property Damage Crash
Officer Terrill took a report of a PDC.

CFS#4137 1219 Canfield Larceny from Auto
Officer Terrill took a report from complainant regarding a bag of jewelry taken out of her car over night.

CFS#4134 0919 Canfield Larceny from Auto
During the course of investigating LFA #13-4132 Ofc Terrill found a vehicle in the parking lot with the driver’s door slightly ajar and the glove box open with documents on the passenger seat. A card was left in the vehicle after attempts to contact the owner at the residence proved negative. The complex manager was notified in case the owner’s vehicle
had been entered and or anything stolen. The remainder of the parking lot was checked with no other vehicles appearing to have been entered. Car owner later called and said nothing was taken

CFS#4133 0917 Big Red Special Detail
Officer Heams taught a class on the dangers of texting while driving and other driving issues at the driver’s education class.

CFS#4132 0848 Canfield Larceny from Auto
Officer Terrill took a report from complainant that someone had entered her car and taken her wallet with $2 inside.

CFS#4130 0830 Senior Center/MIPD Found Dog
Officer Terrill took a report of a found dog at the Senior Center. The dog was a lab mix with white paws and some white on the chest. It had a black collar on. Owner eventually contacted PD picked up the dog.

CFS#4128 0359 Canfield Larceny from Auto
Ofc Walters & Ofc Chatell responded for a report of 3 male subjects observed running away from the area. The complainant said it appeared her car had been gone through. At the same time, a newspaper delivery person came into the lobby and reported 4 or 5 teenage males walking SB on Anderson w/ backpacks. Officers checked the area, but were unable to locate the subjects that had reportedly run off. No items were found missing from the vehicle in question. Complainant advised her neighbor’s vehicle had been gone through the previous night.

CFS #4123 0041 Stone Haven Suspicious Person
Ofc Chatell & Sgt Butler were dispatched for a report of a subject sitting inside their vehicle for several minutes with the lights off and their foot on the brake. They made contact with subject who was talking on the phone with a friend.

Wednesday June 26

CFS#4120 2206 MIPD Warrant Arrest
Ofc Walters picked up subject at the Lenawee Co Jail and took him to the Washtenaw Co jail on outstanding Milan PD warrants for MIP and Drove While Unlicensed.

CFS#4117 1804 Civil
Sgt Butler met with subject in PD lobby regarding a female acquaintance making what he perceived was a threat against him.

CFS#4116 1710 Sanford Rd Littering
Sgt Nieman responded to the park in reference to issues w/littering.

CFS#4115 1704 Threats Complaint
Sgt Butler met with complainant regarding receiving threats from acquaintances of a subject complainant used to date.

CFS#4112 1505 Wabash Malicious Destruction of Property
Ofc Terrill responded to report of a vehicle being damaged over night.

CFS #4105 0406 W Main St Property Checks
Ofc Chatell checked the security of an ATM several times throughout the night. The alarm company called and advised they were experiencing outages due to the weather. The camera was not working properly and they were getting alarms and asked us to keep an eye on it overnight until they could get a maintenance worker to fix the problem during the day.

CFS #4104 0147 North St Alarm
Ofc Chatell was dispatched to Milan Middle School for a report of alarms going off and lights flashing; possibly a fire alarm. Upon arrival, Ofc Chatell & the maintenance worker checked the building and determined the alarm was activated from a pull station inside the courtyard; there was no fire found.

CFS #4103 0041 W Main St Suspicious Incident
Ofc Chatell responded to the fireworks tent in the plaza parking lot for a report of a subject inside the tent with a flashlight. Ofc Chatell made contact with the subject who reported he is the night watchmen for the firework stand. He advised he and his dog will be there each night until July 4th/5th.

Tuesday June 25

CFS#4099 1827 Dexter/Arkona Found Keys
Ofc Terrill handled a report of keys found in the area.

CFS#4098 1712 County St Private Property Impound
Sgt Nieman met with rep from towing company to process paperwork from a private property impound.

CFS# 4095 1241 MIPD Harassment
Officer Terrill took a complaint regarding a subject showing up at complainant’s place of business and harassing complainant. Subject contacted, interviewed, and agreed she had the wrong person over the issue at hand.

CFS# 4094 1152 S Platt Suspicious Incident
Officer Terrill responded to a call regarding a small fire in a back yard of the residence. Caller stated that 2 subjects were burning clothes in the backyard. Officer did not locate subjects or a fire. Information was second hand and was initially received by Washtenaw County Dispatch; they forwarded it to us.

CFS# 4093 949 Dexter/Phillips Traffic Crash
Officer Terrill took a report from complainant alleging a vehicle being driven by a female struck his vehicle when she was trying to cut over where the lane narrows. He stated she kept going after the impact. He advised he didn’t think she realized she hit him. Officer Terrill located and spoke with the female driver. She confirmed she didn’t know that she had hit the complainant. No accident report requested by either party; very minor damage.

CFS# 4092 904 W Main St Alarm
Sgt Couture responded to an alarm at the ATM machine. Everything was secure; workers were working on the machine.

CFS# 4091 756 W Main Alarm
Sgt Couture responded to an alarm at the location; everything was secure.

CFS#4090 0506 Ferman Open Door
While on foot patrol Ofc Chatell located an open door at a church facility. Building was checked and found secure. Key holder was contacted who came and secured the building.

CFS#4089 0449 Wabash Open Door
While on a foot patrol Ofc Chatell located an open door at a restaurant. Building was checked and found secure. Building was secured by officer.

Monday June 24

CFS#4083 2206 York Assist MAFD
Ofc Chatell responded to assist MAFD on a fire alarm going off. Contact was made w/a homeowner. The battery was running low on the smoke detector; no problems found.

CFS#4080 1900 Assist Monroe County Sheriff Dept.
Sgt Nieman/Ofc Terrill and Reserve Shehan responded to assist MCSD for a report of a vehicle that was involved in a property damage crash in Monroe County, fled the scene, and was reportedly at an address in Milan. Ofc’s were able to locate the vehicle and made contact with the driver by phone, however the driver would not come to the door. The vehicle was towed per MCSD request, pending follow-up investigation.

CFS#4079 1751 35 Neckel Warrant Arrest
Court advised a subject wanted on an outstanding Milan PD warrant had been arraigned. Ofc Terrill was assigned report.

CFS# 4076 1125 Gay/Ferman Larceny from Auto
Complainant reported her wallet was stolen out of her purse that was inside her unlocked vehicle over night. Vehicle was parked in the parking lot at Gay and Ferman Street. Ofc Burgos took report.

Sunday June 23

CFS#4065 2018 Canfield & Platt Juvenile Complaint
Sgt Nieman responded to a report of 3 young males playing with lighters and fireworks. Sgt located and spoke with them and sent them on their way.

CFS#4062 1553 Dexter Reckless Driver
Complainant reported a vehicle he was behind on US23 had been driving erratically. Caller advised it exited at Carpenter and had pulled into a business. Sgt Nieman checked the area w/negative results.

CFS#4061 1541 Domestic
Sgt Butler responded for a domestic assault. HVA also responded and transported one of the parties to the hospital for a possible overdose. Possible charges for domestic assault also pending against the subject.

CFS#4060 1535 Civil Matter
Sgt Nieman responded to meet with complainant reference another subject reportedly being disorderly. It turned out to be a continuation of the argument noted below. Both parties were again counseled.

CFS#4059 1302 Civil Matter
Sgt Butler responded to meet with complainant regarding another female pounding on her door and yelling at her about her laundry in the washer and dryer. Sgt attempted to counsel both.

CFS#4057 1235 Threatening TX
Sgt Butler took a report re threatening telephone calls.

CFS#4056 1214 Peacekeeping/Civil Standby
Sgt Butler responded to standby during a custody exchange.

CFS#4054 1129 Wabash/Ohio Reckless Driver
Sgt Butler responded to check for a dark blue older style Mustang that was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed in the area. Sgt checked area w/negative results.

CFS#4048 0044 Wabash Disorderly
Ofc Chatell & Sgt Nieman were dispatched to the location for a report of a male getting into a heated argument with several other patrons. They made contact with two subjects who were arguing with others over the use of the pool table. They agreed to leave and officers transported them to an area hotel for the night.

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