Milan Youth League Picnic

Tyler Firouzi is one very happy young man as he receives his first medal in Baseball.

Payton Jones of team Randy Wise lets out a “WHOOP” upon receiving his trophy.

Hunter Heath admires the new Mongoose bicycle he earned by selling 56 tubs of cookie dough.

Parents and players manage to make it through the evening in spite of the weather and close quarters.

by Balinda Zimmerman

A swarm of buzzing bees in human form best described what occurred at the Father Joe’s Center on Michigan Ave in Milan on June 28, 2013 at 6:00pm. The event was the Picnic and Awards ceremonies for the Milan Youth League Baseball Season that had been rained out and subsequently moved inside. The swarm was due to so many people bustling to fit into such a small space while torrential downpours continued just outside the doors.
Youth League Board Members and Coaches attempting to hand out awards were unable to be heard more than about ten to fifteen feet from the stage. That didn’t stop the teams of children from somehow hearing when they needed to move forward for the coveted trophies they had earned during the season. For the adults on stage it was frustrating, for those in the audience it was deafening but for the children, it was a blast! They shared trophies, medals, hot dogs, chips, cookies, drinks and watermelon; not to mention the memories made during the baseball season.
In defense of the noise, I mean come on we were all kids once, sitting in the front of the room when our parents were way in the back and we didn’t listen to the erroneous adult who said “BE QUIET, SHUT UP or PIPE DOWN” either. It was crazy, but it was fun for the kids and after all this one was all about the kids. The most expressive reaction of the evening was from Payton Jones who upon receiving his trophy hoisted it in the air and let out a Whoop!
Raffles and auctions were held and special awards were given to several youngsters who sold the most during this season’s fundraising events. The number one seller was Hunter Heath from the Latham’s Lumber team who earned himself a Mongoose bicycle for selling 56 tubs of cookie dough. GO HUNTER!! Runner ups for each division were named and one of those was Chance Engel who earned a gift card from Toys R Us. Tickets and a parking pass for the Detroit Tigers vs. Red Sox game on Aug. 4, 2013 were also auctioned off to Todd Davis for a donation to the League of $200.00.
All in all it was a great season with lots of memories and thanks to The Milan Youth League, heavy rains and Father Joe’s opening the doors at the last minute, the ceremonies will be something youngsters around Milan will remember for a while.

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