Candidate’s 2013 Forum

Milan Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Candidate’s 2013 Forum,  October 22, 2013, Thursday evening in the Council Chambers.  The Forum was free and open to the public.  Moderator was Christopher Wetzler,  Timer was Jerry Renning and Chris Slay did the audio video setup.  The Forum will be aired on local cable channel (18 Comcast) several times prior to election day and the City of Milan web site will soon have a link to watch the Forum.

Candidates in attendance were Michael Armitage, Mayor Pro-Tem Candidate for Mayor, a resident of Milan for 28 years,  Ann L. Gee, Candidate for City Council, a resident of Milan for approximately 48 years, Douglas Gilson, Incumbent Candidate for City Council, resident of Milan for over 49 years and Dominic Hamden, Incumbent Candidate for City Council, resident of Milan for 8 years.

Candidate Joseph Chapin, Candidate for City Council, resident of Milan for 22 years was not in attendance.

Prior to the forum, questions were taken from several anonymous Milan residents, business owners and people working in Milan.  Candidates heard the questions for the very first time at the Forum and each was given an equal amount of time to respond.  Toward the end of the Forum, the public was given the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates as well.

Questions covered a broad range of concerns for Milan, from Leadership, Parks and Recreation, Milan Schools, Taxes, Downtown appearance, improvements, vacancy rates, growth and development, Ford Lake, Traffic, Water and DDA.  Each candidate responded as they were called on.

The City of Milan web site has links with information for Election Day and sample ballots.  The Milan Eagle web site has a copy of the Senior Millage Brochure which people will also be voting for on November 5.  There are booklets available at City Hall with candidate information and flyers at Milan Senior Center providing information on the Senior Millage being voted on.


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