Selling bras keeps women out of the life of human trafficking

By Milan Seniors for Healthy Living

What if we gave the average woman the opportunity to collaborate with women rescued from Human Trafficking?

Let’s face it, ladies the back of your underwear drawer is most likely a graveyard of bras you don’t wear anymore or that never fit right in the first place. By contrast, second-hand clothing is a profitable market in many countries around the world. Bras are sought after items. Some of the women in our program are making 5x the minimum wage in their community by selling bras! Even better, bras provide an opportunity for these women to work with other women, since they have a history of being abused and used by men.  The women can sell between 100-500 bras each per month. This keeps them out of the life of Human Trafficking and it allows them to support themselves and their families.

Why Bras?

Great Income-Second-hand clothing is a profitable market in many countries around the world. Bras are usually sought after items

Safe Environment-They are no longer under the control of the men who abused them… they are free.

Flexible schedule-Most of the women were sold into prostitution as children, only 8-10 years old. Because their lives were stolen from them, they missed out on going to school and getting an education. Selling bras allows them to work as much or as little as their school schedule allows.

Collect the bras at your homes, office, civic groups, churches etc.  We will be collecting bras until April 14, 2014.

Drop –off location Milan Seniors for Healthy Living  45 Neckel Ct.  Milan, MI 48160 734-508-6229

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