By Milan Eagle Media

Last September the dance season at Dance Xplosion started.  Although not all of the classes begin choreography for the spring show, they most certainly begin working on technique  and combinations that often are incorporated into the end-of-the-year performance piece… bringing us to DANCING AROUND THE WORLD Recital 2014  at Milan High School May 16-18.

Heidi Wuerthele, owner and director of Dance Xplosion and her ten teachers teach ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, musical theater, pointe, hiphop, creative movement, and contemporary. This year they even had an all boys class. These are just performance classes. In addition to these, they also offer technique classes including stretch and strength, turns and leaps, and flip and tricks.

There were about 130 pieces performed throughout the entire weekend with over  300 performers and several of them danced multiple times. Each show was a little bit different with dances varying in each performance. Five of the dancers are seniors, a bitter sweet moment at evenings end.

The competition teams perform at all shows, but there are several students who take recreational classes who are also extremely dedicated and are also in multiple classes performing several times throughout the weekend.

There’s a phenomenal group of dance parents and teaching staff. It is truly a team effort. There are well over 100 helpers backstage making everything run smoothly. There are hair changes, costume changes, parents helping with lineup, props and even providing a wonderful luncheon for the dancers who perform the entire day on Saturday.

Well over 1000 colorful costumes danced  “around the world” and across the stage. That’s a lot of bling!

Lachan Jaarda won the Gail Wildfong Scholarship in honor of Heidi’s dance instructor growing up. She passed away of colon cancer 10 years ago. Heidi said, “She was the most accepting and hard-working lady I know! She truly wanted children to enjoy dance. It is with great honor I present the scholarship to students who are also hard-working and have a passion for dance. The scholarship is worth over $1000 as it covers the cost of a year’s tuition toward a private dance lesson.”

Heidi would like to express a huge thank you to all of the dance parents, her  teaching staff and the community for supporting Dance Xplosion.


www.dancexplosion.net or (734) 439-8807


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