Final thoughts from the Chief

Well, by the time this article comes out, I will have moved on from my position as Chief of your police department.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their recent kind words and best wishes; they are incredibly humbling and very much taken to heart. During my tenure I have striven to establish a positive and open relationship between the department and community, and it appears based on the comments and feedback, we have managed to do that. Data and statistics can certainly reinforce success, as our do and have, but it’s the ability to build productive relationships through partnership and communication between the community and those we serve that is absolutely vital to success in public safety service delivery.
Since my arrival both in the community and the department, everyone has been open, welcoming, and supportive. I found a very unique opportunity here, where an environment based on teamwork and trust could be created both internally among all of us who work at the police department, as well as externally with the citizens we serve. I have been extremely blessed to be able to be a part of a transition where people come to work every day and perform because they truly want to and are motivated to deliver a valued and high level of service, versus a situation where people simply perform because they have to. From a leadership point of view, the former is much more productive and rewarding for both those who work in an organization, as well as the customers served. Through my articles in the Milan Eagle over the years, I have attempted to give the community a glimpse of our department, its people, and how we work, as well as taken some opportunities to touch upon some personal thoughts and feelings. Acknowledging where we come from historically; understanding connections between the past, present, and the future; recognizing the importance of ritual and tradition; being comfortable with progress and change as long as we don’t lose sight of our foundations; as well as not being afraid to recognize the importance of faith have been part of the personal thoughts I have shared. I appreciate those opportunities and trust those have given you a glimpse of who I am and as such, some of what has driven what I have tried to accomplish here.
In closing, and having said this before, I believe it is vitally important to say it once more; law enforcement is a calling to make a positive difference. The people that are productive and do the best in this profession see it that way and perform their duties as such every day. There are some extremely talented and dedicated people who make up the team that is the Milan Police Department. They work hard and sacrifice every day for this community, for victims, for those in need with no one else to turn to for help, and for the profession. They are good people and they do good work. I will miss them all dearly and cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to have had the opportunity to be counted among their members. They should always remember that we walk forward together through the connection we have made with one another, even though we have taken leave of one another’s company.
I am proud to have served this community; I am very grateful for the opportunity; and wish you all the very best going forward.

Chief Gerry Scherlinck, Milan Police Department

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