Christmas fun at the library

By Joyce Ervin

The Milan Public Library hosted three events on Saturday, December 12 to celebrate the Christmas season.  There was fun for adults, little ones and teens.
Starting the day was volunteer and part time librarian, Ashley Eichner-Pendell, instructing how to make scented candles in a holiday mug. It was a simple matter of melting pre-scented soy wax in a microwave, pouring the hot wax into the mug and adding the wick.  Eichner-Pendell said, “The favorite flavor was gingerbread.”
An example shared was a light tan gingerbread scented candle that complimented a cream-colored mug boasting holiday phrases painted in gold.
The event was so popular the staff held another session on December 19 with that class full.  Eichner-Pendall said they would possibly hold another candle-making event in the spring with spring inspired colors and fragrances.
Assistant librarian director, Barbara Beaton, said the candles were perfect for home décor or to give as Christmas gifts.  The mugs were purchased at a Dollar Store keeping costs low.  There was a charge of $3 for the event that included all supplies.
Also on tap were glitter ornaments made with volunteer Erin Durlett demonstrating.  A clear round ornament was filled with the floor cleaner, Mop and Glow, and then colored glitter was added.  The festive bulbs were shimmery and perfect for holiday tree trimming.
While adults handled hot wax and cleaners, children were entertained with a storybook time. The group heard Christmas stories, sang Christmas songs and off in the kids’ corner the elementary-aged children sported brown construction paper reindeer ears they made with youth services coordinator Jennifer Perryman.
Later that day, Perryman entertained and taught, mostly kindergarten through fifth-grade aged children, traditions of various countries through the “Christmas Around the World” craft and activity event. 
 A few activities representing how Christmas is celebrated included making poppers that are used in England, Christmas trees from Germany, Christmas cards for the United States, Mexico who brought us the poinsettia and an Australian craft made with sandpaper, as it is summertime there during our winter. “They have sand and we have snow,” Perryman said.
Helping with the activities that day were teen volunteers, Morgan Horgrow, Kimbrya Steines and Aubrey Alexander.
For a variety of events, story times and other group activities, visit the website at  For information call 439.1240.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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