Everyone can use some care, enrichment to life

Photo by Milan Eagle Media Lance Slatton from Enriched Life Home Care Services provides free care giver support at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living.

Photo by Milan Eagle Media
Lance Slatton from Enriched Life Home Care Services provides free care giver support at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living.

By Milan Eagle Media

First turn your new 2016 calendar to March and find the 3rd Monday, March 21, 2016. Keep reading and you’ll see how the 6 p.m. event, which is free and open to the public, will offer care and support and add enrichment to your life. At first, many may not realize they need this care and support or they may think they don’t have time or they may even feel guilty about receiving such a blessing. You do need it, it’s worth an hour of your time and you’ll be better for attending.
Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHS) exemplify what it means to be a community-minded organization. Altruistically coming to Milan from Livonia giving of their time, energy and resources, this company pours into our Milan community in many ways. Working in partnership with Milan Seniors for Healthy Living (MSHL), Enriched Life provides entertaining activities almost monthly at no cost to the participants. They have hosted such activities as Silly Bingo, Silly Spelling B’s, and Silly Auctions as well as bringing entertainment such as karaoke and the musical talents to some of MSHL’s special events.
ELHS even goes way beyond the surface level of investing into our community by offering their expertise in a number of ways. They provide educational presentations and lead a caregiver support group with the sole intent of supporting and strengthening people as they go through the seasons of life. These support services are provided not only at MSHL, but also at other locations in the four county radius of Monroe, Washtenaw, Oakland, & Wayne Counties.
Also true to their mission to enrich the lives of their clients and others, they are known for providing resources to their clients in need of additional assistance. An example of this is illustrated by yet another partnership between ELHS and MSHL. Milan Seniors for Healthy Living is the frequent recipient of donations of used or excess assistive devices and/or medical equipment. They, in turn, give many of these donations to Enriched Life Home Care Services, who are able to bless clients and others that they know are in need of these items.
You are fortunate to have a company that has a passion for others, for giving back and helping families with situations. Sometimes peers may not know or relate to your situation. Sometimes you may need resources and information. Individual or group talk for care givers helps “care for themselves”, offers support for the care giver. It’s overwhelming to deal with when change occurs, your loved one has an illness or accident or some health challenge. You have fear, you worry how to help and if they’ll recover and how to manage financially and how to continue your own life. They may need a walker or wheelchair, help with speech or memory and reasoning or even personal daily care.
This care giver support group is for you, come and check it out. Meetings will be the 3rd Monday of each month starting in March. There’s no charge and no obligation to attend every meeting. Learn how to take care of yourself and gain knowledge, support and resources to care for your loved one.
Jennifer Michalak, Exec. Director MSHL said they have been offering these support group meetings for almost a year with Lance Slatton and are very pleased ELHS has agreed to continue in 2016. Because of holidays, January and February meetings are cancelled. Meetings will resume in March and they’re changing the time to 6 p.m. so more can attend.
Remember that calendar? Mark it for 6 p.m. at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living on Monday, March 21, 2016. Come and check it out!

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