Off to a Power Start!

By Balinda Zimmerman
The Milan Big Reds met with Adrian Maples on the Milan fields for Friday night football, August 26, 2016. The team opened the evening by honoring Shawn Beaton and his family of dedicated Milan football players and then the fun really began.
It is the last time some of these boys will have their “first game” of the season so they made it count.  Milan won the coin toss, elected to receive and quarterback Demetrius Barnes took the ball for a 28 yard run in the first play of the night.  Before Milan would see the fourth down Adrian had intercepted and when Adrian came up fourth and short Milan headed back with full force.
Starting in the second quarter Demetrius Barnes was plagued with severe muscle cramps bad enough to take him off the field.  Before the half Milan was able to get the ball within range and Jacob Walther kicked a 35-yard field goal bringing the score to 10-0, Milan.
Early in the 3rd quarter the only freshman on the team, Tristan Hines, did what he does best and that was make an amazing play resulting in his gaining an interception at the 44-yard line. The turnover resulted in a 56-yard touchdown drive by Lindeman. Barnes and Lindeman kept the ball moving with great help from Hines and Kenari Moore. With 1: 50 left in the 3rd is was 20-13, Milan. Late in the 4th Milan punts to Adrian and on the 4th play of their drive Tristan Hines stepped up again and intercepted the ball.  The quarter ended 27-13, Milan. Trace Lindeman said, “you know Adrian played a pretty good game out there tonight.
They were tough.” He agreed they were a good team to begin the season against as they were a good hard hitting team.

 Milan met up with Flat Rock for the second game of the season and Flat Rock posted the first scoring run early in the first few minutes of the game. 
Milan was able to answer back with a 70-yard touchdown by Lindeman and then Barnes posted touchdown before the half. Victor Knight also had a moment or two of carrying the ball this week for Milan and Brandon Lange had a beautiful interception and run early in the first quarter. The team also added a field goal by Walther bringing the score to 16 to 8, Milan at the half.
Coming into the third quarter Barnes posted a quick 18 yard run for the next Milan score and then later he passed to Lindeman who posted a 75-yard touchdown early in the fourth for the 30-8 win.
Flat Rock was hard fighting all evening but could not compete with the speed of this senior duo.
Victor Knight also had a moment or two of carrying the ball this week for Milan and Brandon Lange had a beautiful interception and run early in the first quarter.  Coach Hoskins likes to run a fast paced game and these two step to the plate every game giving him exactly the moves and speed that he asks to see.
When asked about the early mistakes in the Flat Rock game Hoskins said, “we are not there yet but we will get there.  We had too many mistakes and yes, we are still a young team but we will get there.”
Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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