By Balinda Zimmerman

The homecoming events were a little out of the normal this year due to the ongoing rain that had plagued Michigan for the last several days. The parade had to be cancelled due to weather and floats were judged in the parking lot of the high school just after classes ended on Friday. 
The judging was conducted by Diane Dingman, McKenzie Chappell and Jennifer Glushyn and the seniors won the homecoming parade float with a theme of “Down with Grosse Ile” as the Big Red football player pushed over the Leaning Tower of Pisa onto the town of Grosse Ile.  The seniors also later cinched the crowns as the titles of homecoming King and Queen went to seniors Blaze Thomas and Lauren Smith.
The Homecoming Court are as follows: Freshman – Jules Markham and Truman Harwood, Sophomore – Wesleyann Williams and Michael Semeyn,   Junior – Kiara Lay and Jaden Riling and Seniors- Karleen Sabo, Kailey Swiss, Lauren Smith, Caroline Zajac, Elijah Thurston, Clint Campbell, Blaze Thomas, Sean Reid-Sanders
 In spite of the continuing rain and chill in the air the Milan students and fans showed up in Saline to support their favorite team. The Milan Big Reds met with the Grosse Ile Red Devils on the field at Saline due to weather conditions that made Milan’s field unsafe for the players.  When the Milan Big Reds took to the field they had no intentions of allowing the Red Devils to score at all and it was evident immediately.
Aggressive but fair, quick but maneuvering, jumping over linemen, that is how Barnes (Meech) and Lindeman (Niner) made their way down the field. Just as they had done all year the Big Red line held and the dynamic duo did what they do, they passed, pitched and rushed ahead, time and time again to leave the Red Devils behind.  Barnes posted the first score for Milan early in the 1st quarter and the Big Red momentum never slowed. Barnes also earned an interception early in the game that had the fans jumping to their feet.
By the half the score was 21 to O, Milan. Leaving the field at the half it looked as though Grosse Ile’s starting quarterback, Joshua Sheppard would not return to the game after what appeared to be a leg injury.  Coming back for the 3rd quarter looked almost like a replay of the first with the exception of Sheppard on crutches and Justin Moore stepping up to lead the Red Devils.  Tristan Hines once again grabbed an interception and shortly thereafter Milan scored on a fifty yard run by Trace Lindeman putting the Big Reds with a considerable lead.
The Red Devils were able to finally get a score on the board but unable to complete the field goal and were held to 6 points.  Lindeman (9) for Milan matched step for step with Justin Moore (9) for Gross Ile on more than one play and at one point the two had offsetting penalties when things got a touch aggressive. All in all, it was a great hard hitting game as expected of two teams who went into the contest at 5-0. The final score ended at 27 to 6 for Milan and almost assures them the title of Huron League Champions and a spot in the district playoffs.

Balinda Zimmerman is owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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