New Programs at Milan Public Library

By guest Jennifer Perryman

Milan Public Library has begun offering a new series of monthly programs: Createapalooza for preschoolers through first graders and Buildapalooza for second through fifth graders. These events will be held on the second Saturday of each month. Children will participate in building challenges and have time to build with Lego bricks, Squigz, and more.
During the first event in January, children built boats out of aluminum foil and tested the buoyancy and capacity of their boats by loading them with pennies. The Buildapalooza participants initially built boats that held 50 to 60 pennies before sinking; after modifications their boats held up to 170 pennies. Each month will feature a new building challenge with a different goal and different materials.
Storytime, elementary book clubs, and TNT (Teen and Tween) events also continue to be held at the library. See and for more information.
Jennifer Perryman is the Youth Services Coordinator at Milan Public Library 151 Wabash St. in Milan. If you would like more information about events for your child call (734) 439-1240 or check the web site at

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