About the many works of a CNA

By Milan Eagle Media

For over two years I’ve observed these people, male and female, and for several months I tried to interview one. Like all professions, they are not all the same but I’ve seen some of the best. Finally the opportunity came. Tell me about your job as a CNA (certified nurse assistant).
“You have to have patience, teamwork is important; you need confidence in your own ability and understanding. The job is very demanding emotionally and physically.”
Why did you choose to be a CNA? “I was already working in rehab at the university for 11 years then at an assisted living facility for about 4 years as a medical coordinator, I’d even taken a paramedic course years before. My goal was to get into nursing school but I was on a waiting list. Many do as experience for nursing school.”
Did you take classes, how long does it take? There are several courses and different time frames. Mine was 6 months plus some basic college. The course is written and physical.”
So what do you do? Tell me about your job. “Safety stuff first! Other things I do is pass out linens, pick up food and items on floor, clean (wash) the patients, dress the patients, maybe even feed the patients, take patients to toilet (depending on patient may need assistance transferring ), get patients ready for meals and take patients where ever they need to be.”
Any advice to someone considering becoming a CNA? “Have an open mind, have patience, have time. It’s a great learning experience and will make you a strong person (character wise). You may feel empowered…’I did something good today’. Depending on where you work, for example in a nursing home , it definitely makes you think about everything, future, aging, taking better care of yourself. You get to know your patients, become their friend, become a part of the family, grow together – watch them pass away and then there’s a void.”
For comparison I looked up CNA and this is what I found: A certified nursing assistant job has peaks and valleys. It can be physically demanding at times with some unpleasant responsibilities, but the role also allows CNAs to build strong relationships with patients.
While CNAs can be found in hospitals, the majority of them work in nursing and residential care facilities, where CNAs interact with patients on a regular basis and get to know them personally.

ARE YOU Compassionate, An excellent listener, Supportive, Dependable, Physically fit, Good-natured? DO YOU HAVE Good ethical standards, pay attention to detail and have good communication skills? The CNA I interviewed can answer yes.

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