Female Athlete of the Month: Britney Foley

Courtesy photo
Britney Foley.

By Balinda Zimmerman
Britney was the second born child of Bryan Foley from Ypsilanti, Michigan and Ann Foley from LaGrange, Georgia. She was born on October 3, 1999 in Ypsilanti, and has lived in the same area for the past seventeen years.
Britney attended school in Ypsilanti at Adams Elementary followed by Fortis Academy before making a decision to attend Milan High School. She chose Milan for the academic opportunities they could offer, giving her better options of study so she became a school of choice student.
Britney has decided she will attend Michigan State where her brother attends and she will study business. She has not yet chosen her career field but might like to be an athletic agent or do something with obstetrics. She currently carries an accumulative 3.4 GPA studying General Business, Personal Finance, Anatomy & Physiology, Art, and the Senior Wing projects.
Her older brother, Bryce, is nineteen and just finished his first year at Michigan State, which is one reason Britney would like to attend there as well. Britney is proud to say her brother is a mixed martial arts competitor. Britney is a bit on the quite side but says she has a tight relationship with her mother and brother since her parents separated a number of years back.
Britney did not participate in many sports when she was younger but began playing basketball as a freshman and continued through her sophomore year. She decided for her junior and senior year she would participate in track and now competes in high jump, long jump, and the 200 meter.

Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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