Male Athlete of the Month: Blain Davis

Photo by Milan Eagle Media
Blain Davis.

By Milan Eagle Media

Blaine Davis was born on April 30, 1999 in Livonia, Michigan. His family moved from Canton to Milan in 2005 when he was 5 years old. Blaine began Milan schooling in Kindergarten. He has three younger brothers. Two of them, Noah and Jacob, are twins and are freshmen in high school. Noah is actually on the track team with Blaine. His youngest brother, Antonio, is in 5th grade. His parents unfortunately divorced last year and he lives with his mother.
Blaine has been playing sports ever since he started school. As a kid, he enjoyed playing with my friends. His dad was often the coach of his sports teams. His dad had played football and basketball, which helped to influence him to participate in those sports as well. However, his dad really enjoyed running on the track team, and that influenced Blaine to do the same.
As an elementary kid, Blaine played baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. In middle school, he played basketball, football, and ran track. In high school, he spent his first two years playing as a small forward on the freshman and JV basketball teams. Blaine joined the cross country team his junior year and participated in it again his senior year. He says “I really enjoyed running cross country. I’ve made many good friends and had awesome experiences. Our coach, Steven Porter, is a mathematics teacher at Milan High School. He’s been coaching cross country for more than 40 years and is an amazing coach. He really pushes me to keep running and be the best I can be”. As a senior, Blaine qualified for the State Championship in cross country which took place at Michigan International Speedway. He came in 33rd place. He said, “That was such an exciting experience, especially with my teammates and family there to support me. I’ve been running on the track team ever since 7th grade. I’ve been a varsity member of the high school team all 4 years. As I said before, my dad was a track runner when he was in high school and I couldn’t wait to follow in his footsteps”. Blaine is part of the distance team. He is overall a mid-distance runner, and while he’s run many events, his favorite is the 400 meter run. He’s really enjoyed running track all of these years. He said, “his coach is Chad Lawver, the Spanish teacher at Milan High School. He is such an awesome coach. He is laid back, but knows how to keep us motivated to become better, which makes the sport even more fun”. Similar to cross country, Blaine made many friends and had amazing experiences during his high school track career. As a freshman, he was part of the 2 mile relay team that qualified for the State Championships in Grand Rapids. “That was such an exciting experience”, Blaine said. Last year, his junior year, Milan Big Reds team won the Huron League Championship, which was really exciting since they had just fallen short the previous two years. Blaine hopes to win the Huron League Championship again this year as well.
As a student, Blaine is a straight-A-student with a 4.2 cumulative GPA. He REALLY enjoys mathematics classes and even some science classes like chemistry and physics. As a sophomore, he was inducted into the National Honor Society. His senior year, he was a member of the Robotics team at Milan High School, which actually went to the State Competition at Saginaw Valley State University. After graduation, Blaine plans to attend the Ohio State University in order to pursue studies in engineering. He also plans to continue to run in college, beginning on an intramural running team with the hopes of joining the actual cross country and track teams at Ohio State eventually.

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