Dundee Female Athlete of the Month: Ashley Salenbien

Photo by Janet Buccirosso
Ashley Salenbien

By Janet Buccirosso

Sixteen year old Ashley Salenbien is in 10th grade at Dundee High School. She plays on the DHS softball team. In addition to softball, Ashley also participates in volleyball and basketball. She chose softball because she grew up around the sport and always enjoyed playing.
Ashley’s favorite school subject is Science because that is what she is most interested in and she currently carries a 3.8 GPA.
In addition to playing various sports at Dundee High School, Ashley participates in band and Student Council, and has been presented the Scholar Athlete Award. She lives at home with Kris, Doug and Alli and also has a sister, Nicole, who lives away from home.
Ashley’s favorite school is the University of Michigan. Not surprisingly, it is also her favorite team. Although she does not currently plan on pursuing baseball at college, she does plan on attending college and obtaining her degree.
Her advice for other students contemplating participation in a sports program is to,” Give it your best and never give up.”
Ashley’s parents are proud of her and their advice is to “always work hard and never give up”.

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