Male Athlete of the Month: Alex Jacques

Alex Jacques

By Balinda Zimmerman
Alex Jacques, son of Jake and Jen Kendzel, was born at St. Joe Hospital in Ypsilanti, Mi. and the family moved to Milan when he was in the 3rd grade. His Mom was a Ypsilanti native and his dad Jake was from Saline. He has one step-brother, Braden, who is a sophomore at MHS.
Alex has played football since he moved to Milan from Lakewood, wrestled since he was in 8th grade and ran track since 9th grade.  He shared that neither of his parents were very athletic but he and his dad enjoy watching quite a few sports together such as football, baseball and basketball.
With MHS junior varsity football Alex has played corner, safety, running back and outside linebacker but this current year on the varsity team he will likely be inside linebacker and half back. He feels his best chance at a college scholarship would be in wrestling since has made it to Districts in wrestling. Alex also runs the 400m Relay and the 800mRelay for MHS track team.
Alex carries a current 4.0 gpa having recently completed his sophomore year studying Botany, AP History, Advanced Algebra, CAD/Architecture, Honors English and Honors Chemistry. Alex grew up loving Michigan and later learned they have a good Engineering program. This is where his future interest lies, with Engineering and Architecture. He loves the design process and the idea of making houses that insure safety.
He is hoping for a shot at getting into U of M’s Engineering program but he is also realistic and has two other choices in his list of possibilities for college. Michigan State and EMU are also options but EMU could be his best shot for already having connections in place. Recent Milan wrestling champion Josh Griffin is presently at EMU and he has been helping to coach Alex this past wrestling season.
In his spare time Alex prefers outside hobbies like bike riding and basketball with friends but like almost all teenage boys he sometimes likes to play video games. He also loves nature and likes to spend time star gazing, cloud gazing and storm watching.

Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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