Rotary Exposed!

Photo by Milan Eagle Media
Last meeting in June, Milan Rotary Club President (2016-2017) Dr. Eduardo Enriquez congratulates Milan Rotary President (2017-2018) Mr. Dutch Nie.

By Milan Eagle Media

“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.” Paul Harris
Grassroots at the core, Rotary links 1.2 million members to form an organization of international scope. It started with the vision of one man — Paul Harris. The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships, and give back to their communities.
Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of its members.
The Milan Rotary Club consists of men and women with passion and the foundation of Rotary values: service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership.
Milan Rotary Club is part of the1.2 million members and 35,000+ clubs completing projects that have a lasting impact. Rotary motto: Service Above Self
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Milan Rotary President Dr. Eduardo Enriquez presided over the last meeting of his 2016-2017 term at Don Juan’s on Main St. He emphasized “there’s no I in Rotary” and how a small club worked together, using The Four Way Test as a guide. 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. WILL it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? He reminded members they should be proud of all they have accomplished and the many ways they have given back and helped, not only Milan but others beyond Milan.
This past year, 2016-2017 Milan Rotary Club gave back $24,250. Most of the money went into Milan and the community! To name a few – Main Street was given $3,000, Aid in Milan was given $1,000, Milan Library was given $1,000, Milan Seniors for Healthy Living was given $1,000, Boy Scouts was given $1,000, American Heritage Girls was given $1,000 and Milan High School seniors were given 2 scholarships of $1,500 each. (Just within the last 10 years Milan Rotary has given $30,000 in scholarships to Milan seniors.) This past March community volunteers joined Milan Rotarians as they partnered with Kids Coalition Against Hunger assembling and bagging to 20,000 meals  to Feed the World, a percentage of the bags were left at Aid in Milan to serve local people in need and the rest went internationally. From this event Milan Rotary Club was able to give $6,000.
These are only some of the ways Milan Rotary Club has helped this past year, many of you have enjoyed their Pancake Breakfasts or seen the Rotarians on the streets helping clean up Milan or working with the Police Dept. to reward the kids with Buddy Bucks. They’ve worked hard planning fundraising events such as their annual dinner auction held each year in November.
These men and women have passion and love serving. There may be over 35,000 clubs but to the people and town of Milan – Milan Rotary Club serves them the best!
Congratulations to Dr. Burton Hodges, celebrating his fifty year anniversary as a Rotarian
Dr. Enriquez concluded by thanking the club members again for their hard work during the 2016-2017 term. Looking ahead for another successful year, Dr. Enriquez pinned the 2017-2018 term President of Milan Rotary Club, Mr. Dutch Nie. Mr. Nie will take the lead of Milan Rotary Club in July.
For more info visit web site or e-mail milanmirotary [at] gmail [dot] com.

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