Eternity Matters: Has Life Turned You Upside Down?

By Norma Shull Smith

Let’s face it; we live in a busy, busy world! Times have changed from children being involved in one or two events, to being in multiple sports and other extra-curricular activities. Today to live the life style, both mom and dad work. We are running from event to event, multi tasking our time between family, work, organizations and church. It is a bittersweet scenario and as I paint the above paragraph with words, one can visualize the chaos life brings. I too have been a part of this scene and much of what I wrote is how I have lived my life.
On June 22nd, my life stood still, as I heard a doctor give a terminal diagnosis to my husband. Every moment since, I go about each day with a brand new perspective. My first encounter with death and losing someone I loved dearly was when my daddy died when I was 17. Death side swipes you, it wants to knock you off your feet and knock you down.
As many of you know, I have solicited prayer warriors to support my family on this journey; praying for a miracle, yet knowing if God’s work for Dan on earth is complete, that his very life for 76 years this month, has always been a miracle. LIFE IS A MIRACLE, that we take for granted every day, because busyness robs us of its true meaning.
We have received an outpouring of love through prayer, visits, phone calls, Social Media posts, cards, flowers, food and the list could go on. Family and friends rally at times like this, for which this family is so very thankful. I have even seen my children, siblings on both sides, nieces and nephews and myself paying extra attention and giving extra love. I couldn’t help but think that had not life been turned upside down, life would continue in the busy, on the move life style. Oh if we as humans, could only slow down daily to dish out as much love to those around us, not only to family, but to friends and even to strangers. If we were more caring about love of others than social issues, how fast the world would refresh itself and all the other fall into place.
God tries numerous times throughout each day to get a person’s attention, through the sunrise, the myriad of nature that surrounds us, through people, through various writings, through HIS WORD, that often becomes dusty on the shelves of American homes, yet when death comes, we are stopped to yield and to think of what is truly important in life.
My life is upside down as I face the temporal loss of walking with my husband through his final days on earth, resigning a job of 22 years, and facing the unknown of where I will live and of what my future will hold. I am not a character fond of change, but sometimes life makes the changes for us, like it or not. The only staple I have is my faith and family, knowing the ONE who NEVER CHANGES. Hebrews 13:8 God is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever and it is that ONE that I must cling to in this upside down world. EACH of us will face either the death of a loved one held dear, or the terminal sentence ourselves, but to those who know JESUS, the diagnosis has been misdiagnosed, for through Jesus, the diagnosis transfers to ETERNAL! That is my desire for all! John 14:6 & 7 Eternity Matters!

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