Male Athlete of the Month: DILLAN LERETTE

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman
Dillan Lerette.

By Balinda Zimmerman
Dillan was born to Brandon and Trisha Lerette in April of 2002 and moved to Milan with his family when he was only 2 years old. His dad works for Sigma Technologies and his mom is a Child Protective Services supervisor. He has two brothers, Eli, age 12 and Braeden, age 9.
Dillan comes from an athletic family with his father having played football and track in Lakeville high school and his mother having been a cheerleader for all four years at Linden. Both younger Lerette brothers are active in sports with Eli competing in track and Braeden playing tennis. 
Dillan has participated in both football and baseball for a number of years with the Milan Youth League but as a freshman he added basketball for the first time to his list of sports. He currently plays MHS JV football and has played since 4th grade with his favored positions being wide receiver and safety. At MHS JV baseball, Dillan played a variety of positions as needed.
This year Dillan has taken the standard curriculum of Algebra, History, English, Biology
and Health adding Drama and Spanish II as electives. For the 2017-18 school year he will add Chemistry, Cad/Intro Engineering and Pottery to his elective options. He explained that he likes working with his hands and since pottery has been offered there are a number of students who have become interested and he along with a few friends are part of that group.
Dillan shared that he has not chosen a solid career path but would like to attend Western Michigan or Bowling Green State University for college options. Has a lot of interest in various sports and in analysis so he could see himself going into broadcasting or sports journalism. He is also interested in making a difference in the world so contributing to the betterment of our world by engineering or becoming an engineer would not be completely out of the question.
Dillan loves hunting, boating (fast boats), spending time with family and extended family
and sitting around the campfire with them, just hanging out after hunting. Is family has owned an 18’ Crownline since 2007 and last summer Dillan was able to learn how to ski. By next summer he hopes to have mastered the knee board.
The family typically goes to Groveland Oaks Camping takes a few days break and then goes on to Leisure Lake Campgrounds where part of his extended family has a place. This year however they wer
e gone the full two weeks and Dillan really enjoyed his time camping with family. He likes hanging out with friends but you can tell by talking to him that he seriously values family above all else.

Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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