By Norma Shull Smith

Since June 22nd, I literally watched my husband fail before my eyes. My husband was once a very healthy 213 pound man and his last weigh-in about 1 week prior to his death was at 139.5 lbs.
As I sit here typing, I am experiencing a very numb state; just going through the motions of things that life demands of me.
Since my last article, we celebrated my husband’s birthday and just 10 short days later, I stood alongside a Hospice Bed in our Parlor, with our two girls, and grandchildren as he took his last breath.
Death has a way of trying to take power over a person and swallow them into this big, dark, deep ravine of depression after the loss of a loved one. I am at that pivotal point, where I must take control and fight the after affects of death.
Several years ago, my husband and I took our first alone vacation since we became empty nesters. We chose to take a week and travel through the Shenandoah Mountains along the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive. The roads were winding and beauty surrounded us; there wasn’t one place we could look that wasn’t awe inspiring. We had pulled over at one point at a scenic overlook to take it all in. It was at that point that my husband put the convertible top down on our car. We did some pretty crazy things in those days. I remember I hiked myself upon the passenger seat back with my feet on the seat and off we went, with the wind blowing through our hair. We had one of those huge heavy video camera’s that was popular in that day and I was trying to film what we was seeing. We had noticed a tunnel ahead and as we entered it, even with his headlights on, it seemed extra long and dark with a small bright light in the distance. The closer we got to the tunnels end the brighter the light became. Finally were out of the tunnel high on the mountain, so we pulled over at the next scenic overlook. As we looked down the mountainside into the valley below, we stood in amazement that we was way above a thunderstorm, seeing rain, lightening and dark clouds far below us. We had never experienced such a magical moment.
As my mind has been overwhelmed with grief lately, this memory came flooding over my soul. An experience decades ago was brought to memory, reminding me that once we get through the darkness of life’s tunnel, God somehow lifts us high above life’s storm. The key is to trust God in life and keep our focus on the true light; the more we focus on it, the darkness begins to fade. Isaiah 26:3 – Psalm 27:1 and Mark 4:39 are very reassuring verses.
Whatever our need for the day, we must learn to lean back and rest in His love. Eternity Matters!

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