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Highlights from August Milan City Council

In August, the Milan City Council agreed to spend $548,000 for stabilization along Wabash at Ford Lake, to stop dirt from erodingoff the roadside into the water. Over the years, erosion has threatened the roadway. The roadside has been disintegrating into the water since the lake was created in 1937. The proposed steel barrier will […]

Candidates in Milan’s November Election

Mayor candidates: Dominic Hamden and Owen Diaz. Council candidates: Ann Gee, Doug Gilson, Andrew Douglas, Edward Kolar, and Sean Jenkins. Three of those candidates will be elected to council.

Saline New Horizons Band

The New Horizons program was established in 1991 by Dr. Roy Ernst at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York. The concept was to give adults a chance to learn an instrument or to relearn an instrument played years ago. The Saline New Horizons Band was begun with 12 players in June of […]

Easy tips for adding fruit and vegetables to your diet

MSU wellness Follow these recommendations for older adults and learn how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables to your diet. By Andrea Aguilarand Vickie Pfeifer, Michigan State University Extension Did you know that the recommendation for older adults is to consume 3 ½ cups of fruits and vegetables each day? That amount can feel like a […]

ON THE RECORD Memorial Day Drowning was a Terrible Tragedy

ON THE RECORD Memorial Day Drowning was a Terrible Tragedy

By Martha Churchill For old-timers in Milan, the loss of Steve Cuny left a big impression. Stephen Cuny was only 14 when he set off for a canoe trip with his friend, Phillip Sutton, on Memorial Day in 1968. The holiday occurred on May 27. The boys went out onto the water in the morning before […]