Dundee Male Athlete of the Month: McAllister McAvoy

McAllister McAvoy

By Janet Buccirosso

Seventeen year old McAllister McAvoy is the October Male Athlete of the Month for Dundee Schools. He plays football for the Dundee High School. He states that he loves playing football because he “loves to be part of a team and to play with his friends.” In addition to football, McAllister also wrestles and plays baseball.
In his Junior year at Dundee High School, his current GPA is 3.7. His favorite subject in school is Anatomy because he “loves to know how the body works”.
McAllister lives with his Mom, Dad and younger sister. His favorite school is Michigan State and his favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. His plans for the future include attending and four year university where he hopes to continue to participate in sports. His proud parents state, “he is always doing as much as he can for every sport he is in.”
McAllister’s coach states that “he is one of the hardest working athletes I know.” When asked for any advice he would like to give to other students trying to decide whether or not to participate in sports at school, McAllister’s response was, “Trust in your coach and have fun”.

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