Dundee School Board Recap

The Dundee Board of Education recognized Mr. and Mrs. Hyde for their donation of $2,635.00 in memory of their son, Clint Hyde, Jr., who died after an accident in April 2017. The family specified that the donation be used for any program that supports autism. Therefore it is being earmarked for use in the Peer-to-Peer program which partners special needs students with students from the general population.
The Board of Education adopted the Public School Resolution supporting public education.  This initiative is sponsored by the AASA, The School Superintendents Association. 
The Financial statement demonstrates a 21% fund equity with a projected budget of $15,500,000 and a current fund balance of just over $3,200,000. By the end of the school year, the fund balance is set for 18% or higher. Currently there is a deficit spending model with more expenses than projected revenue. However, the belief is that there will be more students attending than budgeted. District spending will have to be closely monitored in order to be fiscally responsible during this school year. The audit was provided by our Independent Auditors, Rehmann.
The Board approved extending the current lease of property North of the High School currently being farmed by Warm Farms, LLC which is scheduled to expire at the end of this year. The lease is being extended for two years while the District Strategic Plan Facilities Focus Area evaluates the feasibility of developing solar or wind power that could be converted into sustainable revenue generating projects possibly by 2020.
The Board approved repairs to the High School Cafetorium sound system with no more than $8,500 funding. This money will come out of the general fund from the maintenance line item.
The Board wished paraprofessional Ms. Courtney Sessom good luck while accepting her resignation. The Board also hired three new employees; Ms. Tara Richardeson, Director of Technology, Ms. Jodi Langmeyer, Elementary School para-professional, and Ms. Laura Kruszka, High School para-professional.
The High School Greenhouse sustained wind damage in March. The school insurance will cover $5,145 which will replace the damaged roof tiles only. The Board decided not to replace the additional tiles at this time as the estimated life span of these tiles is 3-5 more years.
The Board discussed the progress on the District Strategic Plan since the start of school on the four focus areas of Finance, Facilities, Communication and Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment. Plans call for sub-committee meetings in each area before the October Board Meeting.
The Board went into Closed Session for discussion on Negotiations with a Bargaining Unit as well as Closed Session for attorney client privilege regarding a written brief prepared by Thrun Law, our legal counsel.
There is an upcoming opportunity for teachers to apply to become part of the Educational Technology Teacher Leader Corps, an update3 of the Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the November Bond Campaign and the “Sip with the Supt.” Being held at Beulah’s Pour House on September 28th to discuss the upcoming Bond election.

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