Touchdown in the Big House

Photo by Balinda Zimmerman
Dakota Lowery poses with his touchdown score visible on the U-M scoreboard on October 21.

By Balinda Zimmerman
The Big House was a goal the board of the Milan Big Red Youth League Football Program was not sure they could deliver up for a location to play. Had it not been for the ability of Allen Park to provide much of the funds the Big Reds may not have seen the inside of the stadium. As it is, the teams met up on October 21, 2017 beginning at 10 a.m. and made dreams come true for hundreds of young football players and cheerleaders.
Allen Park had already put the wheels in motion to provide the venue for at least one game this 2017 football season. Every year the U of M allows one or two Youth League teams to play in The Big House for a fee and Allen Park had vowed to be that team during the 2017 year. When they contacted the board members of Milan Youth League Program the board knew it was a once in a lifetime chance and they needed to do everything possible to make this happen for the Milan kids.
All three Milan teams played a good game inside the stadium after settling down from the awe of entering through the tunnel onto a field of dreams. For some of these young players this was a once in a lifetime opportunity in their hopes of becoming college players.
The Big Red Varsity football team put the icing on their cake when they scored three times against the Allen Park Bulldogs. Running backs Dakota Lowery, Michael Maurer and then Payton Jones all earned a Touchdown in The Big House. The line did their job, the QB, Brady Bovenkerk, did his job and the runners were able to put a score on the board. It wasn’t enough points to win against the Bulldogs but nobody on the Milan team cared about the win. It was enough to score a touchdown in The Big House. Dakota Lowery’s family is moving back to Texas as soon as the football season is over, so this was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and one these young players will not soon forget.

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