Bustin’ a move

By Joyce Ervin

Symons Elementary Students gladly showed off their dance moves for a chance to slim Schools Superintendent Bryan Girbach, but $14,000 had to be raised to earn the privilege. 
Falling a bit short, students weren’t disappointed, as the more than $10,000 raised with their Disco Dance-A-Thon, will allow them to pour the slimy slime over the head of principal, Kimberley Gillow at an assembly held this month.
The event/fundraiser was organized by the Symons Parent Teacher Organization.  Proceeds from pledges will be used for educational field trips, enrichment programs, teacher mini-grants and fun family events.
First up dancing and having fun was three fifth-grade class members.  Line dances, the Cha-Cha-Slide were danced along with traditional dance steps taken to the 70s music that blared in the gymnasium.  Some students were decked out in 70s sequined shirts and other favorite era clothing.
Burning off energy, several took to doing a bit of acrobatics.  Riley Bork did cartwheels and Keara Leonard did headstands while Leilea Daniels did the splits. Grandmother, to student Megan McChesney, Dianna McKissock, danced up a storm with hand gestures for “Staying Alive”, a popular 70s song.
The students weren’t only rewarded with a dance.  Fun incentives and prizes such as participation in crazy hat day, a wacky tacky day and a classroom PJ Day for all classrooms that had at least $400 in pledges.
Gillow manned the mic and gave shout outs to students that had solicited extra five and one-dollar donations.  She joined in the festive time wearing all black and a silver sequined hat.
President Kate McChesney said she was very pleased with the fundraiser that provided for a healthy fundraiser that encouraged movement and music.  This is McChesney’s last event.  She will retire her position, as her student will be moving on to middle school next year. She said, I’m leaving them in good financial stead.”

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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