By Norma Shull Smith

As I write the December article I am 2 days away from closing on our home; the home that my husband and I so enjoyed the last 19 years. I wonder how many of you take your current home for granted; it is so easy to do and I for one was guilty. Our home seems to be a constant in our lives. After all when we go to work, on vacation, or just out shopping, we can almost count on our home being there when we arrive home.
This past month and a half since I first put our home on the market, I have done a lot of thinking about home.
We are always more relaxed at home because we can kick back and relax. Most of us have that favorite easy seat to recline in, or comfy bed to snuggle in. We are comfortable to walk to the refrigerator at any given moment and retrieve whatever we desire. For me, it was my creative spot; where I loved to decorate and at Christmas time, put up 3 trees!
Home is where family and friends gather, where laugher and giggles occur. Sometimes the walls of our home even have had to endure and argument or two. Home is truly the owners little corner of this vast world.
It is for the most part our place of safety, comfort and rest.
This move this week, will be number 20 for me. You would think I would get used to pulling up stakes and replanting roots; problem is, this is the first move without my husband since his death; first time I will live alone somewhere as I haven’t decided where I will relocate yet.
The past few months have been very emotional and this week, like the last several will rip and tear away at my heart and many tears will be shed, yet I must through my emotion and tears remind myself that God blessed us with this home and HE will surely bless me with another.
I must thank God for all the years we enjoyed together. Because my Dan died in this home,
I know is another reason I am having such difficulty leaving it, yet I know in my heart that any home here on earth is just temporary, for we are all, just a passing through.
Luke 9:58 and Matthew 8:20 “Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests,  but the Son of Man (Jesus) has no place to lay His head.”  If Jesus Himself had no place to lay His head, then why should we who have been blessed with a lovely home, be so concerned about the next?
I hope you will continue to follow my spiritual journey in my monthly column. Who knows what wonderful things God has in store!! I know my first Christmas without my husband will have its tears, but I can’t imagine ever having a Christmas without HIM! It’s time to rest in God’s love, to be thankful and to lean heavy into God’s Promises that HE is always with me, not only this Christmas Season, but in everyday life!

You may not be facing the loss of your home and comfort zone, but whatever you are facing, I hope you too will lean and trust! Eternity Matters!

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