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Do I start by telling you about the luxurious, moisturizing lather which leaves your skin feeling clean. The soap that stimulates emotional wellness through sight, scent and touch. Or, do I start by telling you about the remarkable lady, Dr. Beth Polito, that gives passion, labor and artistry to each bar of Cielo Soap she makes.
Cielo Soaps is located in downtown Dundee at 129 ½ Riley (below Swan Creek Candle Outlet Store) Dr. Beth Polito refers to herself as a devout SOAPSTRESS. For over 63 years she battled skin issues and finally took matters into her own hands. Through countless years of research, formulating various topical recipes and testing she developed a soap that benefits her skin and stimulates her emotional wellness. She’s experienced great joy and acceptance, Cielo Soaps’ clients appreciate the fact that Cielo Soaps are all natural plant-based ingredients and 100% vegan. As she shows you around and talks about the various soaps you can’t help but notice the passion she has for her soaps, how precise she is in her process and knowledgeable she is regarding emotional wellness.
Cielo Soaps are designed with all natural plant-based ingredients using the cold process method. Three distinct natural soap blends are offered to stimulate the senses: rejuvenate – revive – restore. The “rejuvenate” collection  rehydrates our emotional state of mind when we need to reflect and “right the ship.” When you need a boost . . . choose a bar from the revive collection for feeling fresh and enchanted. Restore These lusciously-enriched bars are intended to help maintain balance, confidence,and clarity.
Only 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, known for centuries to create a positive emotional state-of-mind. are used in Cielo Soaps. Essential oils may be more costly but fragrance oils do not contain the healing, emotional, and therapeutic properties that essential oils do.
After the soaps rest and cure for 28 – 35 days, their unique emotional wellness qualities are revealed.
Cielo Soaps uses only handcrafted wooden soap molds – no silicone – no plastic. Plus, only two pounds of soap are designed at a time because each recipe is a work of art through the science of soap making.
Beth Polito, Psy.D. is a 30 year veteran of business and education. Dr. Polito has earned a reputation for providing exemplary client service and corporate wellness trainings with innovative ideas that increase creativity in the workplace. As a professional learning specialist, she has developed customized trainings in secondary and post-secondary education, business and corporate environments. Earning a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Organizational Development from California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) she has presented papers nationally and internationally on emotion topics such as, Emotions and Emotion Climate in the Workplace, Emotional Intelligence Skill Set Development (EISDD), Pay Attention! Emotions Matter!, Intergenerational Understanding in the Workplace, just to name a few. Dr. Beth Polito – Soapstress is the CEO of Emotion Climate Institute.

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