Dundee Board of Education recap

By Janet Buccirosso 

The Board extended congratulations to the swim team and Catherine Imo who secured 6th place in the State swim meet, thus earning her All-State as well as Coaches Sarah and Rusty Eubanks.

Nicole Bahny was awarded November Staff Member of the Month and presented her certificate and a gift card donated by MEEMIC/Leski Insurance.

The Board was given a presentation of the Future Farmers of America Program of Activities and approved the program.

The Board approved hiring of Co-Head Coach Andrew Meyers for the Boys Varsity Swim program.

Liz Hubert, former Elementary Noon Supervisor, resigned her position and the Board welcomed Elaine Rogers to the position.

The Board adopted the Bond Resolution which officially allows for proceeding with bond sales.

Upon recommendation of the Michigan Association of School Administrators, the Board adopted the resolution recognizing the School Finance Research Collaborative.

The Board renewed the memorandum with Monroe County Health Department for utilization of the High School in case of public health emergency and as a clinic for dispensing pharmaceuticals and mass vaccinations if needed.  In addition, a cooperative agreement with Summerfield Schools was approved

The Board approved a request from Food Service Director Shelly Farris to increase the prices of adult breakfast and lunch to meet Michigan Department of Education guidelines.  Increases of 5 cents for breakfast and 15 cents for lunch were approved.

Window screen frames have been repaired allowing for new screen installation which will eliminate violation with the Monroe County Health Department.

The Middle School kitchen upgrade is on hold due to cost factors and will be revisited in the future.

The Board held a first reading for the following NEOLA recommended Board Policy updates:

1421-Criminal History Record Check – Administration – revision

1439-Administrator Discipline – Administration revision

2410-Prohibition of Referral or Assistance – new policy

2414-Reproductive Health and Family Planning – revision

3121-Sex Education – new policy

3139-Criminal History Record Check – Professional Staff – revision

4121- Criminal History Records Check – Support Staff – revision

4139-Staff Discipline – revision

5630.01-Student Seclusion and Restraint – revision

8142-Criminal History Record Check – Operations – revision

8321-Criminal Justice Information Security – revision

The Board discussed the Facilities Usage Rental Policy and it was determined that the Superintendent and Mr. Oestrike will work on revision of the policy to provide a clear and consistent plan.

The final revision will be presented at the January meeting of the Board

The Goal Accountability tracking sheet was reviewed to document progress being made.  All teams are hard at work in pursuing their goals.

Total Percentage Competed: 10.2% (Nov. 2017 7%)  Great job!

The Board went into Closed Session to discuss the ongoing negotiations with the Dundee Education Association.

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