Female Athlete of the Month: Mary Racette

Mary Racette

By Balinda Zimmerman

Mary Racette was born to as the middle child of Richard and Ann Racette, February, 2000 in Holland, Ohio. Both parents attended Gabriel Richard in Downriver where Ann loved drama and Richard played hockey. Her parents had moved to Ohio when her father took a job with Chrysler, and they moved back to Michigan before Mary started high school.
Mary has two siblings, Richie (21) who attends Bowling Green University and Ella (12) who is in 7th grade at Milan Middle School. The siblings are all athletic and participated in a number of sports. Richie was on the swim team, played golf and baseball for Milan while Ella is a cross-country and track runner like Mary. Mary says Ella is even better than she is at running track and cross-country.
Mary began cross-country in middle school and has continued all through high school. She runs individual, 400m, and 800m relays and has been a captain of the team for two years, quite an unusual occurrence for a junior in high school. She also played travel soccer from ages 9-15 at G.N.A.T. and Maumee Express, both Ohio teams. Maumee Express was an all boys team until Mary joined and they became co-ed. She has also played indoor soccer for Southeast Michigan Storm/Milan Fire during her high school years. 
She is a member of the MHS Student Council, National Honor Society and Milan Youth Council helping to make decisions for the youth in school and in our town. Mary represented Milan in STATE, a program sponsored by the American Legion whereby youth team with other youth and leaders across the state to learn and experience leadership training. Mary had wanted to be an attorney before going into State week but while there, she had an epiphany. Appointed as Director of Multi-Media, she fell in love with journalism. She now will be studying journalism and more specifically, multi-media journalism, in college.
Mary carries a GPA of 4.278, has applied to, and been accepted by Bowling Green, Grand Valley, Hillsdale, Oakland and Michigan State but she has yet to receive scholarship offers. She is waiting for those offers to make her determination where she will go to college. In the interim, she is studying journalism online while completing her high school courses of Senior Wing, AP Statistics, AP Literature, and AP Physics.
Community service has long been a part of life for Mary because she has worked with her mom aiding with cooking classes at the local elementary school and elementary age catechism at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. She also works at Milan Coffee Works where she loves working with the coffee and the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans.
Challenged with the task of creating a white elephant gift for a Christmas exchange in Senior Wing, she chose to create her own mock-up magazine. She photographed the cover, created her table of contents, included recipes, stress relief tips, exercise tips, photos of things like coffee blends (from work) and an editorial that brought tears to the eyes of her advisor. After sharing her writing, she is now considering writing genres other than narrative journalism used in media coverage.

Balinda Zimmerman is a certified mediator, owner/operator at Milan Memories by Minna, and freelance writer for the Milan Eagle News. Balinda can be reached at balindaz [at] comcast [dot] net

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