Building Tomorrow’s Engineers

Michael Semeyn, Damian Gruich and Taylor Penhorn put up the pit.

By Mary Racette

The award winning Milan High School Code Red Robotics team breaks barriers and brings together students of all interests to contribute to their ultimate product, an operational competitive robot.  On March 16th the team will travel to Lincoln to compete with 40 teams at the District event.  If they score well, the team will advance to the State Championship.  Last year the team made it to the State Championship after winning and breaking a world record at the St. Joseph District Event.  Despite the diverse backgrounds of team members, during the season, the team is brought together through the love of creating.  
Within the Code Red Robotics team, students are divided into different teams which work on specific aspects of the robot.  Pre-season fundraising and the creation of a business plan is handled by the business team, while the build team constructs the robot which is programmed by the coding team.  Some members of the build team are on the drive team or the mechanical team.  Both new this year, the scouting team scopes out the competition and the safety team ensures everyone is following the correct precautions.  Although each team specializes in their own area of expertise, they owe much of their success in their ability to come together as a team.  Shelby Vantreese, a member of the business team, sums up the team dynamic, “It’s all about teamwork and coming together in the end, that’s what Code Red Milan Robotics is all about”.
Just over three years ago, Code Red Robotics began as a team of only a few male members.  This year, the team has grown to having 32 members, 39% being female.  “Robotics has built my confidence in going into the STEM career field as a woman” says build team member Emily Monroe.  Robotics opens the door for students aspiring to pursue a career is STEM, and gives them a feel of the field.  During practices, students receive guidance from teacher advisors Jennifer Glushyn and McKenzie Chappel and from parent engineers.  Even members of the business team acquire skills in mechanics and engineering. Milan High School’s Robotics program is teeming with talent and passion, resulting in a unique team dynamic which is bound for success.

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