Dr. Eichler retires after 27 years on Dexter St.

Dr. Jay Eichler.

By Milan Eagle media

Not many people can say they opened and closed their business on the same day, and it is the same day except one is 1991 and the other is 2018.
Dr. Jay Eichler, D.P.M. wanted more of a country place 27 years ago when he opened Milan Family Footcare in what was previously a plumbing business at 909 Dexter St., Milan. He’s happy he chose Milan all these years!
His father worked in a shoe store, and he sold shoes there. His brother-in-law was a podiatrists. Dr. Eichler knew he wanted to go into Medicine of some sort so he narrowed it down to feet. He studied at Wayne State, Michigan State and then his 4 years of podiatry in Chicago. He worked in downriver area before opening his office in Milan and he has had the same location in Milan all these years.
The idea for him to retire came from looking around at some of his friends retiring and he thought, “ why can’t I retire? I don’t live an extravagant life style. All the changes in the medical world, billing, notes, systems – and not all favorable.” Next thing he knew he had made a decision to close his practice and retire.
He says, “his patients in Milan made him feel like a family member and a Milanite. His patients have been great. He will miss treating and visiting with them.” One thing he won’t miss is getting up early and driving so far each day. Increased traffic over the years and bad weather made the drive longer. Dr. Eichler spent approximately 2/3 of his time in the office and the rest of his work time was house calls, nursing homes or to people confined.
He says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He likes electronics, movies, riding his bike, jogging, walking his dog. There are always possibilities for travel for him and his wife. I suggested they go vacation in Hawaii, sounds like a great way to start retirement. Just in case too much free time doesn’t agree with him, he still has his license and he can always find a position closer to home.
Best of luck to you “Dr. Jay” Milan will miss you but we’re happy for you to start a new chapter and wish you relaxing, stress free days and lots of happiness.
The office’s official closing date of March 16, 2018.

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