Making slime baths at the public library

Photo by Mary Racette
Making fluffy slime, at the TNT Milan Public Library event, to later take a bath in are 12-year olds, Dana Van Atta, Chloe Hibbler and Julia Glenon.

By Joyce Ervin

The new Teen and Tween or TNT events being held at the Milan Public Library has yet to be named, but it’s a fun adventure anyway.
Fun activities will be held on the third Saturdays each month for sixth through 12 th grade students from 1 to 3 p.m. Registration requested to participate in the fun events.
On Feb. 17, Jennifer Perryman, Youth Services Coordinator, had a group of young people mixing up ingredients that created different colors of foamy slime.
Blue seemed to be the favorite color, though tinted red was available to highlight Valentine’s Day.
Perryman shared the recipe.  1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid to be put in 3/4 cups corn starch and 1/4 cup Epsom salts.  Put all this through a strainer in a large bowl. Perryman said, “You have to rub the Epsom salts in well.”
Next add 15 drops of an essential oil for fragrance to the mixture.  Then spray the dry ingredients with 2 ounces of water and six drops of food coloring of your choice. 
Once sprayed, the mixture becomes fizzy.  Stir to moisten, and you can put it in ice cube trays packing firmly. Perryman said the mixture would be crumbly but would dry hard and pop out of the form.
Now, you can use one of these little cubes in a hot bath which should be fun and relaxing.  But, not as much fun as those making it thought.  No one there mentioned they would be taking a bath.  They were too busy stretching the slim and laughing.
Check out the library web page for events for TNT and all ages at

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