The Bullycide Project Reaches Out to High School

By Mary Racette

The Bullycide performance opened the eyes of Milan High School students as performers of all ages shared true stories to shine light on the effects of bullying.  At the Dennis McComb Performing Arts Center, the Trust Theater Ensemble performed two showings of the Bullycide Project.  The audience was struck with emotion after each story was told of the victims.  While some of the stories were personal experiences of the performer, others were about teenagers who had taken their lives due to bullying.  The purpose of Bullycide is to provoke thought in the audience and inspire each person to work towards a better tomorrow for oneself and others.  
Some of the effects of the project were instant.  After the performance the floor was opened to the audience, at this time several brave students were inspired to tell their own story of bullying to the entire school.  One student even sang a verse of a song, which the student body encouraged her to do once she explained that she used song and dance as an outlet of bullying.  Every student who shared a personal story received a warm sensation of gratitude and support from the rest of the students.  By the end of the day, each student had a better understanding of their peers who spoke, and an eagerness to learn more about the rest of their classmates.  
On and off the stage, the Bullycide Project has made a powerful and positive influence on the communities it has visited.  The effects of this humbling experience has stretched from the performers to each student in the audience.  Performer Joie-Britton shared, “I’m not afraid to stand up anymore”.  The emotion expressed by the performers creates the power and truth behind each story.  The Bullycide Project reminds the bullies in the audience that their actions have consequences and it reminds the bullied that they are not alone.

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