Dundee Female Athlete of the Month: Hannah Gee

Hannah Gee

By Janet Buccirosso

Hanna Gee, or Gee as her friends call her, plays on the Dundee High School Varsity Basketball team. Seventeen year old Hanna states that she started playing basketball in the Little Miss program and she continued playing as she got older.
Hanna is currently not participating in other sports and concentrates her energy on playing basketball for the Vikings. Her favorite team is the Michigan State Spartans.
At school, Hanna’s favorite subject is Agriculture and she states that she, “love(s) Mr. Stahl and the animals”. She has a 3.6 GPA and is a member of Club Interact. She is also Class Vice President and a member of both the Student Council and FFA.
Hanna lives with her parents, Jamy and Christy Gee, and her 14 year old brother, Wyatt, who is a student at Dundee Middle School. Also in residence are their dog, cat and a guinea pig.
Although she has not yet settled on what school she will attend, upon graduation Hanna has plans to attend college and train to pursue her career as a neonatal nurse.
Mr. Stahl states that Hanna is an “outstanding student and FFA member and is willing to do whatever it takes to work her hardest to get that effort and things done. She has a great attitude and will do big things in life”.

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