By Norma Shull Smith

I’m sure you all have been overjoyed to see crocuses popping up through the cold earth and even smile a little bigger when you spy them giving a little color to the snow. Somehow when we see them pop through the snow, it makes us feel like we are winning over winter! How exciting it is from year to year to put winter to rest and welcome the arrival of tulips, hyacinth’s, and daffodils, popping through the earth! Just seeing all the spring plants in flower shops and grocery stores for Valentine’s Day and Easter makes our hearts smile.
Many of us in the Fall of the year, plant bulbs in specific places and if we are lucky, they will survive not only the elements, but often times, the feast they make for deer and critters trying to appease their appetites. “There is always something in life trying to stop us from blooming.”
I don’t know about you, but I love to drive along the country roads and see all the wild flowers that peppers the ditches in hues of orange, yellow, purple, white and blue. These flowers were planted by nature through the wind, birds, and naturalizing.
They have simply, “Bloomed Where They Were Planted!” A friend of our family recently made that statement and when she did, I asked her if I could borrow it for this article, as it reverberated throughout my spirit.
Just like flowers, plants and trees, no matter where planted, are expected to bloom and flourish. Being a gardener myself, I have transplanted many things within my own flower garden and I am happy to say that everything survived the transplant!
This month, my life will forever change, as I made a choice to be transplanted. Soon after my husband Dan died, as much as I wanted to hang on to what we had, I knew it was too much for me to handle by myself, so I sold much of our material items and our lovely home…with that of course, went my pretty flower garden. I made the choice to stay with my daughters’ family in California and avoid the blahs of winter, cold and snow. Now it is Spring and time to plot out my future, which means scouting for a new home, determining the location and taking my time to be sure that where I put down my roots, I will not only grow, but in due time, I will bloom. (Colossians 2:7) I don’t want to just bloom, I want what grows anew, to be pleasing to my Lord and give hope and encouragement for those who cross my path.
,As I write this, I can tell you I have researched many homes on-line, in many areas and states and I have NO CLUE where God is going to plant me, I just know wherever it is, He expects me not to stay dormant, but to live, to grow, to bloom and to cast a sweet fragrance that will be pleasing to Him. (2 Corinthians 2:14-16) God wants to use the dark dirt, that seemingly encases us in our uncomfortable situations, to help us grow to the point that we burst forth and become as a garden that brings others, hope and encouragement.
I know there will always be life’s critters to discourage the process, but as long as we keep planting, eventually we will have growth! Eternity Matters!

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