Farewell to Milan’s Class of 2018

By Mary Racette

The Milan High School Class of 2018 graduated, taking away an array of knowledge and key experiences that will last a lifetime, and leaving behind a high standard of excellence for their preceding classes.  The graduating class is filled with exemplary students who have taken advantage of the opportunities MHS has presented them, including extracurriculars, The Milan Center of Innovative Studies, dual enrollment and much more.
With sixteen students holding a GPA of a 4.0 or higher, the 2018 graduates have certainly left an outstanding impression on the MHS teachers.  Through the MCIS program that seniors are encouraged to participate in, students have shown their growth through their “increased maturity, persistence, and flexibility”, according to MCIS teacher Brad Baden.  Though the stress of the coursework and commitment to extracurriculars may be demanding, Baden describes the class of 2018 as “capable”.
In the small town of Milan, students expressed that one of their favorite parts about the district was that they “All got to grow up together”. Many students at Milan have been together since kindergarten at Paddock Elementary, while a significant portion of school of choice students from surrounding areas, joined throughout high school.  School of choice student Myra Stock says, “Whether you have been here for one year, or you have been here for twelve, everyone at the school is very welcoming”. Even teachers have observed the students compassion towards each other. MCIS teacher Herb Morelock has found, “You really get the sense that the wellbeing of others is at the forefront of the minds of many members of this senior class.”  As a result of residing in such a tight knit community, Milan High School upkeeps various traditions which add extra excitement to the school year. Student Body President Alexis Fetterolf says that “It’s the fun things like themed football games and homecoming week that really make high school special.”
In the last four years students have proven their hard work and dedication to extracurriculars, through the various achievements they have gathered.  Numerous teams have earned league titles, including the Boys and Girls Swim teams for all four years. The high school Choir, graduating seventeen seniors, and the band, graduating eighteen seniors, has also earned multiple Excellent ratings at festivals.
The Milan Class of 2018’s story will not end in high school, based off of the student’s ambitious plans after graduation.  From what was once a group of high seniors, will soon carry on their greatness to new heights. Among them, Division 1 athletes, a West Point cadet, a fashion design student in New York and a budding journalist.

Mary Racette is a student freelance writer reporting on Milan.

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