Female Athlete of the Month: Grace Barron

Grace Barron

By Mary Racette

Milan High School’s Female Athlete of the month is senior honors student and four year varsity tennis player Grace Barron.  She has attended Milan since Kindergarten and has remained active in athletics since she was young.
In search of a spring sport her freshman year, Barron was convinced by a friend to join the Tennis team and she has keep with it ever since. As a senior she was elected captain.  Barron said that one of her favorite parts about Tennis was meeting new people and bonding with the team. Her coach, Nathan Rodriguez, shares that ”She makes being on the tennis team more fun for everyone”, following it with saying that he mostly appreciates her “contagious positive attitude”.  
Barron began sports at a young age, and she said, “my dad was one of my main motivations to play sports.”  Her father, Todd Barron, coached her softball team for eight years in the Milan Youth League. As a child, Barron also experimented with various sports including soccer, softball and basketball.
 In high school, Barron was a member of the volleyball and cheer team, of which she was captain of her junior year.
For six years, band has been a major part of Barron’s life.  Barron plays the saxophone and has been in the marching band for all four years of high school.  She loves music and being able to express herself, she said.
Barron is an honors student with a 3.75 GPA.  She claims to enjoy her art and pottery classes the most.  Her art teacher Miranda Laskowski happily describes Barron as “an old soul with a work ethic unlike anyone else in her generation.”
After Graduation, Barron will be attending Northern Michigan University. She is a huge nature lover and especially admires “the friendly and natural environment of the school.” Currently she plans to study fisheries and wildlife management, while she is also thinking about joining the Peace Corps.

Mary Racette is a student freelance writer reporting on Milan.

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