Labor of love

By Milan Eagle media

Joe Pusta speaks with excitement as he shares how he came to Milan 5 years ago and he’s been working his farm for 4 years. His harvest is lavender and he’s very proud of his 4,000 plus plants. There are fields of lavender – mainly, English and French… nine types of English and 7 types of French.
He puts in many hours with his plants and on weekends packs up and attends various farmer markets selling his lavender and his lavender products.
English lavender is good for cooking and essential oils. English is a smaller plant and blooms mid June in pink, blue and purple. Some are more floral, some are sweeter and some are stronger. Joe doesn’t recommend for distill, says not profitable yield too low.
French lavender is larger, better for cut flowers, has a stronger scent. He grows blue, purple and white. He can get more essential oils from the French lavender but says it’s not as therapeutic. Eighty percent of his fields are in French. Good for soap and such, Grosso most common, large flowers and a lot of oil, versatile and hardy.
Joe plants in raised rows, says lavender doesn’t like to be saturated. He uses drip irrigation. It takes three years to get a good harvest, plants have to be pruned and cut back 1/3 every September. Lavender requires full sun and at least 12 hours if home in yard.
“Lavender Lane is a specialty lavender farm located in Milan, Michigan. We grow over 15 varieties of lavender by the thousands … We seek to be your source for all things lavender, including our Annual Lavender Festival on July 14!”
Meet Joe, his wife Courtney and son Jonas on Saturday, July 14, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Lavender Lane 12040 Plank Rd., Milan. Fresh bundles, dryed bundles, sachets, lavender goats milk soap, lotion and body crème, essential oils and more will be available for purchase. Lavender inspired food and drinks will be available for purchase, local vendors, live music, large children’s recreation area and a special U-Cut lavender area for adults (bring your own scissors). Free Parking.

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