Male Athlete of the Month: Logan Obey

Logan Obey.

By Mary Racette

Multisport varsity athlete and honors student Logan Obey is a senior at Milan High School and the Male Athlete of the Month.  He has lived in Milan his whole life, beginning his athletic career at six years old.
Obey’s love for soccer started young, and he struck with it for over twelve years, bringing him to his senior year on the high school varsity team.  He says he began playing because it was a major part of the Milan athletic community and he loved to run and play the game. Before high school, Obey played soccer with his travel team Milan Fire, and continued to play for them on the high school off season.  His position on the field is middle defense. Obey shares that he loves the game because “It really never stops, and everyone is out there doing everything they can”.
After growing up around the sport, Obey began playing golf his freshman year.  He has played for all four years of high school and he says his parents’ interest and involvement in golf is what influenced him to start.  He proudly recalls the memory of when his team was at the Huron league Championships last year, and continued to play through a torrential downpour.
Obey is a member of the National Honors Society and has maintained a GPA of a 3.95 throughout his rigorous schedule of honors and AP classes.  He completed a total of 4 AP classes, including AP Statistics, which he claims is his favorite because he loves “numbers and seeing how they fit into formulas”.  
Following graduation, Obey will be studying civil engineering at the University of Toledo, in pursuit of his career as a civil engineer.  
He shared that he wants to go into this field of work because he “really likes the idea of being able to construct big structures that are so important to the public eye”.

Mary Racette is a student freelance writer reporting on Milan.

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