Firefighters receive promotions

By Milan Eagle media

You hear their sirens, you see a streak of red as their vehicles dash by with their flashing lights, little kids admire them, each day is different and some are very dangerous and stressful for them and everyone respects and admires them. The Milan Area Firefighters have been proudly serving since 1887
Congratulations are in order. The Milan Fire Department under Fire Chief: Bob Stevens, Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal: Marty Ritchie and Captain 1: Frederick Evans recently promoted three firefighters: Captain 2: DJ Carpus #23, April 2011, 1st Lieutenant: Mike Evans #6, September 2010 and 2nd Lieutenant: Sean Meyer #34, April 2011.
With a coverage area of 77.6 square miles including the City of Milan, Milan Township, London Township and York Township, the MAFD currently employs 29 paid on call firefighters that operate out of one fire station at 45 Wabash St.
The Milan Area Fire Department runs approximately 1000 calls for service a year. The MAFD provides a wide range of specialized services, including Emergency Medical Response, Motor Vehicle Accident Response including extrication, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Ice Rescue and Hazardous Material Response, and any others as requested. Total Incidents 2019 to date — 598 (as of 7/15/19).
Check out their Facebook pages to learn more about how the firefighters not only put out fires, protect people and their property and train but are involved in Milan and the community events and education for Milan’s students on fire safety and prevention.
One note of interest, showing dedication. Milan has 4 firfighter families: Evans, father and son, Carpus, father, mother, and 2 sons and Maury, 2 brothers, Kevin and Kyle.
Save the date for Fire Prevention Week’s Open House on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 6-9 p.m. at 45 Wabash St.

Courtesy photo
Probationary Firefighter’s Isabella and Matthew from Milan stopped to visit at the Monroe County Fair.

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