Female Athlete of the Month:Lizzy McKenna

Courtesy photo
Lizzy McKenna

By Milan Eagle media

“I love it and it’s part of who I am”, said Lizzy McKenna referring to swimming. Lizzy, daughter of Gina Webber and Brian McKenna, was born in Bethesda, Maryland and moved to Milan when she was in the sixth grade.
Lizzy’s parents started her in swim lessons when she was two years old, she joined a club team when she was six, and USA Swimming when she was 12.
She has been competitively swimming for 11 years. Lizzy said, “I love swimming with my whole heart, and I’m so proud of myself for how far I have gotten with it. I’ve made cuts and competed at a couple higher level meets and am committed to continue my college swimming career at the division one Oakland University. My team, whither it’s high school or USA season, is like my second family. They have seen me at my lowest lows and highest highs. I wouldn’t be who I am or achieved the things I have without them, and without my amazing coaches. I feel lucky on a daily basis that I have Coach Dan Heikka and Coach Kerry Frame as my mentors. They both have gotten me through things, swim or not, that I wouldn’t have been able to without them.”
As a sophomore Lizzy played varsity tennis for one season but swimming is her real love.
She is extremely interested in the medical field. Her plans, after graduation, are to study nursing at Oakland University to eventually become a nurse practitioner and continue swimming at Oakland University

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