By Norma Shull Smith

Most of us have had close calls and know we was spared from injury or harm over the years, yet how many of us realize just how many times we have been spared?
When my youngest daughter was in high school, she and a friend wanted to go on spring break to Florida. Discussing this with her parents, who were also our friends, the four of us were in agreement they could go, if one of us accompanied them; so, I volunteered! Since they just got a brand new, vehicle, they graciously said we could use it. The morning we left, we met at church and had prayer before venturing off.
We stopped several times along the route and again in Georgia to grab a soda and some lunch. At this point my daughter took the wheel. We were just outside of Atlanta, Georgia on I-75 South, when she reached to get her soda. In that moment, the front left wheel left the road and she quickly tried to bring it back, overcorrecting and the vehicle did a spin! Suddenly our vehicle was facing North on-coming traffic! This happened just over a slight incline, so oncoming drivers had little notice of what they were about to come upon.
She froze, so I crawled out of the back and shouted for her to exchange places, but as I turned the car back southbound, we got rear ended and our vehicle was catapulted into the median with a force. All I remember is screaming the name of JESUS and the vehicle came to a halt just short of a concrete culvert. Thankfully, no one in either vehicle was injured! We all awaited the State Highway Patrol and all very nervous, because here we were, in the middle of nowhere with a lot of miles left to our destination, with a brand-new borrowed car!
The Patrolman went over the car as much as he could and asked me to try to back it out of the median, which I was able to do. After explaining our situation, he asked us to follow him to a man who could look at the vehicle to deem it safe enough to drive. This was also very, very unnerving, as here I was, a middle age mom with two teens, going way into the boondocks following this officer. It seemed fishy, as who would have a garage in the middle of nowhere, down a dirt road through the woods, but we continued to follow the officer. We arrived at an old building and the man began looking the car over, especially the undercarriage that had lots of traces of weeds and dirt. He assured us the car was okay mechanically and structurally, that we could continue the trip. The man wouldn’t accept any money and thankfully the officer stayed to lead us back to the highway. He didn’t give us a ticket and sent us on our way, emphasizing how blessed we were, as this could have been a terrible story.
There has never been a doubt that God had angels watching over us and as busy as traffic was, they were able to honk and swerve around us. When we got hit from behind, the car was turned in the correct direction avoiding a head-on collision. We was also spared, when the car was shoved toward the culvert, coming to a halt short of hitting it after calling out His name!
I shared this true incidence with you, knowing that there have been countless times in life that God has been there protecting, and we didn’t have a clue of His presence.
How many times do we take to STOP and thank Him for being that watchman and protector over ourselves, our children, our grandchildren? Beginning today, take time to thank God for being there, even when you don’t realize He is present!
Suggested reading: Proverbs 15:3. Psalm 121:8. Psalm 20:1. Psalm 46:1. Luke 4:10. Eternity Matters!

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