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Male Athlete of the Month: Solomon Smith

Solomon Smith

By Milan Eagle media

Solomon Smith, a senior at Milan High School, was born October 30, 2001 to proud parents Yvonne and Marc Smith.
He started attending Milan High School halfway through his Sophomore year.  He said, “I would just like to say I’m thankful for all my family because they made me who I am today.”
In 2007, he started getting into sports joining the bumper league at Lodge Lanes and then playing coach pitch baseball with the Ypsilanti Nationals Little League. He has been playing both sports ever since with his most recent baseball team being the Michigan Nationals coached by Chris Lemke and currently Milan’s High School Bowling Team coached by Dawn Divert. Solomon said he is grateful for these two coaches and their support in his time spent on their teams.
Most of his family bowls including his sister Maggie Smith, who is a sixth grader at the Middle School. She is always trying to beat him but he will let her keep trying! He enjoys bowling with the Milan High School Varsity and JV squads because they have such a great time and are a strong group. After having so much fun at the first meet of his first season last year, he wanted to continue being a part of this team. He also likes the camaraderie they have within their team and with other teams in their league. He just started his second season with the team, and his most recent highlight was bowling a 236 and having a 425 series all in the same meet.
Solomon’s interests include drawing and video games and at school his favorite classes are CAD, Graphic Design, Accounting, and Personal Finance. He plans to go to college to study CAD, Graphic Design, 3D Animation among other subjects to become a Video Game Designer or begin a career that will allow him to use his skills in Art and Design. He plans to continue bowling after high school one way or another.  If he’s am able to attend a college or university that has a bowling team or club he would like bowl for them however if that is not possible, he can see himself joining a local league.

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