Female Athlete of the Month: Isabelle Stephenson

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Isabelle Stephenson.

By Milan Eagle media

Isabelle (Izzy) Stephenson was born in Lansing and has relocated a few times before her family moved to Saline. She has a 7 year old brother and she is finishing her senior year at Milan High School. Talking to her one can hear the excitement and passion she has for basketball in her voice.
Since 5th grade she’s been interested in two sports, softball which her parents were a big influence and basketball. She said her Aunt Chelsea was a huge influence in basketball, she played in college and later coached.
Her time at Milan has been amazing. She said she needed a change, the different structure fits her better as a learner. “Milan High School is like a big family, awesome team, great people”, she said.
Isabelle is a starting senior center, No. 15 on the Lady Reds varsity basketball team. Talking about the team she said, “every single game is a team effort and each shows improvement. I think people will see the team is different because we love and want to be here-everybody bench or court, we’re a family strong bond”.
She is still growing in the Milan environment; Isabelle hopes to get into a leadership program or maybe doing an internship in the senior wing. When she’s not playing or studying, she works at Smokehouse 52 in Saline. Her plans after graduation are joining the National Guard and attending 2 years at Washtenaw Community College. She likes structure and plans on getting a second job, may then continue education, at EMU. Her goal is to get out of college without debt.
Isabelle loves basketball! She said, thank you to my team and coach, this is definitely my second home and they’ve helped me a lot and they don’t even know.”
“As a coaching staff, we could have not asked for a better addition to our program than Izzy. Her leadership, enthusiasm and passion has carried through to every member of the program.  Her work with younger players has been a true sign of her commitment to leave a lasting impact after here in Milan after graduation. 
Izzy is a player with a coach’s mentality. I can see her possibly coaching after her playing days conclude. She certainly has the passion and leadership that people gravitate towards.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know her personally and working alongside her every day!” – Coach Bobby Green

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