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By Milan Eagle media

A fun time was had by all at the annual Greater Milan Area Community Foundation Gala Saturday night at the Eagle Crest Marriott. A diverse crowd nearing 300 in size came together to benefit local initiatives improving the quality of life in the greater Milan area.
“Our community is what it is today because of our people’s commitment to service” heralds Foundation president, Dr. Rachel Royal. Leaders of non-profit organizations, local volunteers, civil servants, and veterans were publicly honored at the event. GMACF Co-Founder, Isabelle Schultz, and GMACF Gala Chair, Nancy Tetens, both received special recognition for their service.
Notably, the 2020 GMACF Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Michael Armitage. Each year this prestigious award is presented to an individual who has dedicated their life to community stewardship.
Proceeds from event sponsors, auctions, and raffles typically net around $50,000 each year according to sources. These proceeds are invested, and the earnings from those investments are used to award grants back into the community each fall.
The winter lighting lining downtown businesses, the veterans wall, and supplies for the library, Aid in Milan, Milan Seniors for Healthy Living, and school programs benefiting underprivileged children are just a few examples of how the over $600,000 in GMACF grants have been used over the 15 years since the organization was founded.
The annual gala is the Foundation’s largest source of donations each year. Next year’s event is tentatively scheduled for March 20, 2021. Follow the GMACF Facebook page to save the date!

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