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Eternity Matters: PUT READING THE BIBLE ON YOUR Bucket List

By Norma Shull Smith

I’m not sure everyone has a Bucket List, but most of us do and on those lists, sometimes we put things we think are almost next to impossible for us to experience, yet it is our hope that we can. I loved the movie “The Bucket List,” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman; story of two men with terminal diagnosis, trying to squeeze all out of life that they could. It was a sad, yet funny movie at times and made the viewer think: What would we do, if we were given a terminal diagnosis?
The only thing the movie didn’t reveal, is what happens after the grave. Most people don’t want to think about their mortality. The mentality that if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen any time soon. This type of denial is like driving a car without an insurance policy, because it is a fact that not one of us will escape death.
I have some fun things on my bucket list, various places I would like to experience, just like others do. I have read the Bible in its entirety several times, yet on my Bucket List is to read it over and over again and again, because each time, it reveals something brand new for living the best life I can while I’m here, yet giving me assurance of where my spirit will end up, once I am not.
The Bible is one of the most widely purchased books, still to this day, yet according to a study by statista.com, only 16% of those polled in the United States (2019) read their Bible daily and 31% have never read it. This truly bothers me, because of all the books sold and read, it is the only book that can transform the heart and mind of man and lead them to an eternal heaven. No other book ever written has this type of proof.
I realize that not everyone loves to read, let alone own study, while others finish book after book, so in January of this year, I started a daily, in-depth Bible study on my Facebook ministry page. This page in years past, has been encouraging messages, along with scripture, but this year I felt led to dig into the Word of God and break the scriptures down in a way to apply them to living life in this century. We live in a busy, busy world, with so many things to do and people are dedicated to things that are temporal, not eternal. If I can help anyone become interested in their eternity assurance, I am all about that.
I know a lot of my readers are into the Word as much as I am, but it is a page for both, those who desire to read, but don’t understand it, as well as for those who could easily write the studies themselves.
So far this year, we have covered the Books of Joshua, Galatians, Philemon, Judges, Philippians and Colossians. It would be an honor for you to visit the page and “Like” it, (so it shows up in your newsfeed. Then please join me daily. It takes less than 10 minutes to read. www.facebook.com/eternitymatterswithnorma

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