Milan Bakery has new owners

Photographed are Linda Ohl and LeeAnn Martin, new owners of the Milan Bakery.

A springtime cake available for order at the Milan Bakery was made by new owner LeeAnn Martin.

Photographed is a holiday-inspired cake and cupcakes baked and decorated by LeeAnn Martin, a new owner of the Milan Bakery.

Linda Ohl and  LeeAnn Martin, who have been running operations at the Milan bakery for the past six weeks, are now the proud new owners.  The recent purchase from David Snyder of the 121-year-old downtown establishment will continue to serve the community and help the pair realize their dreams and goals.

Martin has been designing cakes for the bakery for years. Looking for a business opportunity and impressed with her friend’s talent, Ohl agreed to opening a bake shop and began looking for a location.  When they learned the bakery had an uncertain future, they struck a deal.  Regarding the sale, Snyder said he was passionate about continuing to develop the downtown and they are passionate about running a bakery.  “It’s a good fit,” he said.

The new owners expressed what a great job former owner Jamey Snyder did to grow the bakery, but they are planning to take it to the next level with a few surprises.   Plans to expand and update the seating area giving it an inviting atmosphere are on the agenda.

While maintaining fresh breads and other menu items, they will be adding more sandwich choices with more meat.   Ohl is excited about adding ‘fragles’ to the confection line.  “A ‘fragle’ is a deep-fried bagel rolled in cinnamon and sugar, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside,” she said.

A real highlight will be a line of specialty cakes offered just in time for graduation parties and weddings. Martin will offer traditional wedding cakes, tiered all occasion cakes, combinations of cakes and cupcakes and many decorated with fondant. “LeeAnn’s cakes are outrageous and homemade,” Ohl said.

While Martin is busy decorating cakes, Ohl said she will be taking care of administrative duties which will include continuing contracted sales with the University of Michigan and other accounts that are being negotiated. In addition to her bakery duties, Ohl will continue her private practice as a psychotherapist specializing in sexual health services.

Both owners expressed their dedication to Milan and said the bakery will continue to support the schools, churches and organizations.  “Community and tradition are very important to us,” Ohl said.

The bakery has 20 employees and is located at 42 East Main Street.  For more information on their product line or to place orders, call 439-2655 or visit orders [at] themilanbakery [dot] com.


  1. marti wilim says:

    congradulations leeann wish you the best of luck your cakes and cupcakes are awsume

    1. marti wilim says:

      opps sorry spelled your name wrong leann