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Here’s Your Retirement Countdown Key Goals with Life Insurance

By Gwen Hodges If you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle, you don’t need to have been born rich or even to have earned scads of money during your working years. But you do need to make the right moves at the right time – which means you might want to start a “retirement […]

Protect Three Key Goals with Life Insurance

Gwen Hodges September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. And “awareness” is an appropriate designation, because many people remain unaware of the many ways in which life insurance can help families meet their key financial goals. Here are three of the biggest of these objectives, as seen through the eyes of a hypothetical couple, Jim and […]

Stay Calm on the Investment “Roller Coaster”

Gwen Hodgees Unless you live near an amusement park that does a lot of advertising, you probably didn’t know that Aug. 16 is National Roller Coaster Day. Actual roller coasters provide people with thrills. But as an investor, how can you stay calm on the “roller coaster” of the financial markets? Here are some suggestions: […]

Declare Your Financial Independence Day

By Gwen Hodges We’re getting close to the Fourth of July, when we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this country. The U.S. constitution grants us many of these liberties, but we have to earn others – such as our financial freedom. What steps can you take to achieve the financial independence you need to […]

By Joyce Ervin BLOOM 2017 hosted by Milan Main Street was celebrated with a variety of activities for all ages.  A community-wide festival featured family-friendly fun.  Attendees enjoyed food trucks, tractor display, artisan’s works, sack races, kick ball tournament and a digital scavenger hunt and a bike parade for kids. Set up in Wilson Park […]

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